Photograph of Beth Griffenhagen autographing her book 'Haiku for the Single Girl' - image shows a book on a table with a pair of hands (Griffenhagen's) signing on the title page

Dear Beth Griffenhagen

Hi Beth — congratulations on your wonderful book Haiku for the Single Girl!

You’ve done a really nice job of creating a simple yet sublime, playful yet honest, little volume that is a joy to hold and read.

I am the host (brand new host actually) of a virtual world event called Haiku Sculpting. Each week we put out 4 haiku, and artists have an hour to create a virtual sculpture inspired by their choice of the haiku. In the past we’ve often used ancient Japanese haiku that contain moments of simple beauty. Even so, I wonder if the distance between us and these poems might make them a bit less accessible for some. I thought that trying somewhat more contemporary and more Western haiku would be a fun change. We’ve decided to let our virtual sculptors be inspired by your book for March.

Would you be willing to read 4 of them for us? Since it’s a virtual sculpture event, the time and place of your reading doesn’t matter of course. If you’d turn on YouTube “record now” and simply read any 4 haiku of your choice “to your laptop” and send us a URL, then the sculptors could view your video, pick one, and create a project.

Here are a few samples that were created yesterday:

Haiku Sculpting #1 – 3 March ’13

today’s Haiku Sculpting poems were from Haiku for the Single Girl by Beth Griffenhagen

Huntress Catteno picked:

In my neighborhood
Even the homeless woman
Has a boyfriend. Sigh.

Huntress Catteno working on a "Twisted Prim" sculpture in response to a Haiku by Beth Griffenhagen
Huntress Catteno



Mia Wallace & Dr. Wiggles collaborated on:

I like trysts with guys
From other countries. It’s like
Stamping your passport!

MIa Wallace in a giant bubble rolling down a ski-like slope towar Dr. Wiggles as a scene in response to a haiku by Beth Griffenhagen
Mia Wallace & Dr. Wiggles



Corcosman Voom worked with:

I am convinced that
All available men are
Somehow damaged goods.

Corcosman Voom sits on a bench and works on a large twisted prim sculpture in response to a haiku by Beth Griffenhagen as part of the Haiku Sculpting event at the Afar sim in Second Life
Corcosman Voom

wiry and sinuous lines weave a vaguely broken face in bright translucent colors against a black background as part of Haiku Sculpting
Corcosman Voom’s finished sculpture



No worries if you don’t have time to read for us, I totally get it… and if you are able… we’d be thrilled and honored.

LMK if you have any questions!

Warm Regards,


Xue Faith
Host, Haiku Sculpting
Virtual Artists’ Alliance

two avatars in a large field. Xue faith wears a cardigan sweater and rides a bicycle, Miso Susanowa stands in a dark dress
Xue Faith & Miso Susanowa


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Author: Xue Faith
Student in the Culture, Media and Creative Industries programme at King's College, London. Curator at Gallery Xue. Webmaster for avatar bloggers.

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