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Mera Kranfel's Avatar History Quiz banner featuring 6 images of Vanessa Blaylock with other avatars.
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Avatar History Quiz by Mera Kranfel

The virtual world is real because we invest time and soul in developing its narratives. In Mera Kranfel’s Avatar History Quiz you can challenge yourself to pick the Who, When & Where of these virtual life moments.

Head to thigh portraits of Second Life avatar Strawberry Singh's body shape over the past 6 years of her virtual life
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Avatar Shape Gallery

Body Image in the Real (virtual) World Where can you find an avatar shape gallery of real…

Parody poster for the film "Inception" featuring avatars in a virtual world as characters from the film narrative
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Berry’s Monday Meme: Inception

Here’s my entry for Berry’s “Monday Meme Challenge.” Click the image to see it in full sized…

Vanessa Blaylock at the Strawberry Singh Meme Gallery at the Alice in Cornelland installation at LEA11 in Second Life
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Berry’s Monday Meme Gallery

Yesterday, like dozens of Monday’s before it, our own Strawberry Singh issued her weekly “Monday Meme Challenge.”…

Image of Second Life Avatar pulling her hair out with various HTML text in glowing letters over her image
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Extreme Makeover: Virtual Edition

SAINT-ÉTIENNE, LOIRE, 8 August — Here today, at the birthplace of performance artist Orlan, we announce Extreme…

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Thanksgiving Video Challenge

Hi Guys, Vaneeesa here. Thursday 24 November is Thanksgiving day in America. It’s the day when colonial…

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Butter My Butt

BISCUIT BAY, AN LI — At noon SLT on Saturday 20 November 2010 the Butter My Butt…

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Homecoming Queen

Hi Everybody, Vaneeesa must be getting kind of bored in her virtual afterlife, the frequency of her…

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Morning Coffee Challenge

In the world of your choice, snap a photo of yourself having a morning cup of coffee (wearing pajamas, standing at the sink, and gazing out the kitchen window is a nice way to go, but not required) and submit it to the group “Morning Coffee Challenge on flickr