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Embrace low rez and build your world!

poster for Vanessa Blaylock Company Field Trip to Minecraft
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Minecraft Field Trip!

Wendz Tempest leads the VBCO Travel & Safari Company in a Minecraft Field Trip! Saturday 7-9am SLT

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The Update that Changed the World…of Minecraft

With its tentative public release this Friday (we hope!), the 1.7.1 update looks very, promising.┬áDid check up…

Minecraft wish you were here graphic
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Minecraft 1.6.2 ~ There be Horses!

After the initial release of what has been dubbed ‘the Horse Update’, MC Devs resolved a host…

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Pixel Potential – The ‘Minecraftian’

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Minecraft: Imagination Engine

If you’re not already familiar with its blocky universe, check out my introduction to Minecraft. Existing initiates,…

Image from Yogscast YouTube channel of cartoon guys at computer screens and microphones
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Minecraft Olympics!

LONDON, 15 July — The crew from The Yogscast takes us to The London Games, The Minecraft…