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VB20 – Performance Document

On Saturday the 28th of August 2010, 19 red and blue avatars inaugurated the Blucat art / performance space with VB20 – Taaratantaarinen.

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Felicia Day

The truth is that Felicia Day does not piss me off, she amazes me. She saw a lack of opportunity so she created opportunity. She felt disdain for gamers, so she created a web series that celebrates gamers. She understands the media of our age.

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Nureyev & Fonteyn

On 21 February 1962 Nureyev and Fonteyn performed together for the first time. The would perform together for the next 26 years. They have defined ballet partnering for all time.

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VB Previz #35 – Taaratantaarinen

The sense of space, of form, of biomorphic vibrance, of trajectory, of ascent in these works invites us to consider the possibilities of avatars caught somewhere between monumental architecture and grounding, pastoral land, of avatars caught somewhere between heaven and earth.

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Field Trip Report: WoW!

Every time someone new came over from SL, or every time VeeBee got lost, you don’t just “TP me over”… the group has to chill out while somebody runs off to fetch the lost soul. While a bit of a nuisance, this made land and space much more real, much more tangible. You really were in a place, and other places and distances had real meaning.

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BURN2 will be held October 16 – 24, as scheduled. Our Burning Man-inspired theme is “Metropolis: Civilization in the desert.”

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Peter Eisenman

I’ve always been instinctively drawn to his process-based manipulations of the grid in a sort of postmodern-yet-with-strains-of-modernism kind of way. A Peter Eisenman site “sounds” like a Philip Glass composition to me.

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733 Friends

As the rather dramatic image above shows, my SL Network is so big (number of peeps and density of interconnections) that the SL “bolus” has become “me” and pushed all other connections out much like a star gone nova creating an annular nebula!

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Field Trip to WoW

The poll results are in, and you’ve overwhelmingly chosen Alliance: Night Elves as our “race” for our Field Trip to WoW!

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SAN FRANCISCO, 5 August — Today United States District Judge Vaughn R. Walker struck down anti-same-sex-marriage “Proposition…

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VB18 Avatar Chess

The Performance Document for VB18 is now published as our exciting, dynamic, full color even, VB/CO Magazine – Issue No.4!