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BURN2 Day 14 - Burning Man Burns by Yordie Sands 2012.2
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BURN2 The Burning Man Burns!

Yesterday, November 3rd, the pyro-technitians of Second Life’s BURN2 set The Man ablaze, signalling the close of…

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Diary #13

SOMEWHERE NEAR BLACK ROCK CITY, NEVADA, 1998 — Liz Bowman and I walking in the Nevada desert,…

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I Have Many Worlds

A few aspects of Virtual Worlds (building/creative types, rather than game types) different from a certain famous…

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VB Previz #41 – Multiverse

VB24 – Multiverse Saturday, 12 February 2011, 8-10pm GMT a simultaneous performance on the Reaction, InWorldz, and…

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Shhhh, Secret!

Please don’t hate me you guys! I’m trying to do the right thing, but it’s hard! And…

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VB22-1/2 – Avatar Suicide

VIRTUAL BLACK ROCK CITY, NEVADA — With Burn2 set to open in less than 24 hours, one…

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Banned by Burn2

TO: M2Danger Ranger m2 Burner EmCee Widget Kev Sweetwater Principals, Burn2 FROM: Vaneeesa Blaylock, Artistic Director, VB/CO…

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VB Previz #37 – The House with the Ocean View / Burn2

For twelve days, from Friday 15 November to Tuesday 26 November 2002, Marina Abramovic performed The House…

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Burn2 Campsite

You can’t say a bad word about Burning Life ’09, and indeed Silene’s Artist Camp was all about creating on-site, learning new things, and interacting with other artists. Still, I think the bulk of ’09 was an open house of amazing stuff to go look at. Perhaps in this tight-knit 6-region Burn2 we can interact more.

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BURN2 will be held October 16 – 24, as scheduled. Our Burning Man-inspired theme is “Metropolis: Civilization in the desert.”

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VB Previz #29 – 2010 Preview

For 2010, VB/CO will present 12 works of performance art.

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Bryn Oh’s Brain

What’s so amazing about a place… a space… a moment… a gift… like this crazy dwell between Bryn’s mosquito Ferris wheel and her sensorium cloud… is how capacious it is… how generous it is… and how it invites not just your brain… but also your body… to exist in resonance with it… in this time and in this space…

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VBFM #4 – Zombie Crawl

VBFM #4 – Burning Life ’09 Zombie Crawl Virtual Black Rock City 21 October 2009 • Images…

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VB Previz #24 – Naked Life

This year’s Burning Life theme is Evolution. Evolution is a contextual idea. Yes, we can chart it…