Bia & Izzy finally meet in a world of possibilities

We live in a virtual world of limitless possibilities. A world where a 16th century victim of uxoricide & damnatio memoriae can have her avatar resurrection and open a virtual university where hundreds of avatars can share studio space and create innovative projects.

A world where you can resurrect your older, but younger that you lived to be, sister, who you never met in the physical world (PW) because she died 6 months before you were born, and spend time with her.

Given all that, it should come as no surprise that we live in a world where even dead blogs can be reanimated and rise once more. And so, as Provost of Medici University, I am pleased to announce today that iRez, the virtual identity salon, is back!

Isabella Medici (1542-1576-2014) holding the older/younger sister she never met in the PW, Bia Medici (1536-1542-2021). Also on the chair, Andromeda Bigboots. Playing on the ground, L to R: Merope Sharple, Oona Morningstar & Earth Blaylock. Emerging from behind the chair, Effi the cat.

A Brief History of iRez

  • 18 April 2009 — Vanessa Blaylock Company performs VB-01, Girl Next Door
  • 22 April 2009 — Vanessa creates a blog on Blogger to document performances
  • 23 July 2010 — Ze Moo dares Vanessa to put her blog where her Free Culture mouth is and move to Open Source WordPress
  • Date Unknown — lots of new authors (34) join and write about Second Life and other Virtual Worlds
  • 3 October 2012 — blog moves from to WPEngine
  • 2 July 2015 — Tabitha Raincloud makes the 943rd & last post on iRez
  • Circa 2017 — Vanessa’s credit card for domain names lapses
  • Later in 2017 — The Bot Bureau of Domain Name Squatters & Trolls snatches up the lost “” URL and offers it back for only a few thousand dollars.
  • Circa 2018 — WPEngine decides to take iRez content offline
  • 2017 – 2022 — The dark years. Despair. iReztless living.
  • 2021 – Vanessa buys the URL “” for slightly less than $3,000
  • 2022 – Vanessa exchanges one million emails with WPEngine to resurrect iRez
  • 5 September 2022 — iRezurrection Day!


The little blog that could has moved across multiple platforms, hosts, and domain names. Along the way a few things have broken. All-in-all, this blog is doing pretty well. But if you surf around enough, you’ll find a broken link or missing photo. If you do, drop by the iRez Bugs page and let us know so we can fix it!

Canary Beck, Vaneeesa Blaylock, Strawberry Singh & Yordie Sands. 3 Nov 2012. Photo by Strawberry Singh.
I'm passionate about healthy, cruelty free, sustainable living. I don't support patriarchal culture, the military industrial complex, or the slaughtering of animals. I do support educational experiences and careers that don't involve hours, requirements, or offices, but that instead are based on achievements.

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