Month: January 2010

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Authenticity is often the coin of the realm in culture. An authentic singer on stage, genuine emotion…

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Bouguereau in Haiti

The human tragedy in Haiti is unmeasurable and unbearable. In response many merchants around the grid have…

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Balloon Couture Meets Chocolate

TSIM SHA TSUI, HONG KONG, 21 January 2010 — Chocolate Balloon Couture! This is my dream job!…

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VB Previz #31 – Gracie Kendall (GK3)

The Gracie Kendal Project- A Conversation with my Avatar. Gracie, this particular image is one of…

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Mourning the Facebook Dead

If you need still more irony in your breakfast cereal, consider that the fictional film “Avatar” was #1 at the box office again this week… even as real Avatars are being executed on Facebook!

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VBFM #5 – NY Eve ARC 1 Flashmob

New Year’s Morning in Central European Time New Year’s Afternoon Down Under and the stroke of Midnight…