Month: July 2010

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Odyssey Performance Art Festival

Two weeks of performance art in Second Life starts today at Odyssey Performance Sim!

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Open Source Vaneeesa

Saying that my avatar is Creative Commons Attribution doesn’t really mean much if I don’t make the source files available, so here you go…

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Research & Application

While a great piece of Art Application might receive an initial response of “that’s so pretty,” a great piece of Art Research might receive an initial response of “what the fuck is that???”

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VB17 Dark Side of the Moon

In VB17 the cast created a Human Dodecahedron 3-1/2 kilometers above the Booville sim… and then… WE DROPPED IT!

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Ze Moo

If you’re workin’ the net in the virtual world, sooner or later you’re going to run into Ze Moo.

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Ideology & Aesthetics

If you think about Andy Warhol & Robert Mapplethorpe, their artistic practices and sensibilities were pretty different, but I think their underlying world views were fairly in sync. On the other hand I kind of suspect that while Paris Hilton & Britney Spears seem to have similar aesthetics, that their underlying ideologies are actually different.

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Sweet 16

On 16-17 April 2010 VB/CO celebrated our 1st anniversary with a 26-hour performance artwork at Odyssey Performance Simulator.

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NicoleX Moonwall

NicoleX Moonwall is what Second Life is all about.

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World of Warcraft

Yes, it’s time for the VB Friends field trip to World of Warcraft!

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Rudolf Nureyev

the dawning confidence of the 20-year-old Nureyev three years before his 1961 defection in Paris

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Harper Beresford

How’s a girl supposed to get naked in a PG Sim with Red constantly watching you and ready to give stink-eye to the slightest infraction!?

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Banned Books

A lot has been said about SL7B / Rosegate. A lot of fine ideas by a lot…

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Secondary Creators

I’ve already said a lot about Free Culture. I just want to make 2 finer points: the…

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Go Oranje!

ha ha ha – my avatar at! Where, btw, I’m “vaneeesab” because some *b* already took…

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Unitards & Catsuits

I think you’d be about as surprised to see Lycra-Woman show up with whips and chains as you would be to see Latex-Woman teach yoga or Pilates

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Nienke Klunder

LONDON, 4 July — Like Nikki S. Lee and Cindy Sherman, Nienke Klunder uses transformations of her…

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OS Grid

VB/CO Field trip to OS Grid on Saturday 12 June

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VB/CO Magazine

VB19 – I AVATAR was a different artwork for us. It was a performance of sorts… or…