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I'm passionate about healthy, cruelty free, sustainable living. I don't support patriarchal culture, the military industrial complex, or the slaughtering of animals. I do support educational experiences and careers that don't involve hours, requirements, or offices, but that instead are based on achievements.
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After a long journey through the desert, iRez, the virtual identity salon is back! Today is iRezurrection Day!

photo of a woman, eyes closed and arms in the air, perhaps in a state of ecstatic trance, dancing in a group drum circle
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Previz #84 – Drum Circle

I invite you to join in a drum circle with us. We’ll have drums and hula hoops or you can BYO whatever you like. Rediscover personal ecstasy in your life.

photo of a woman eating a slice of bread on a mountaintop as she walks past a makeshift grave marker in the form of a cross
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Previz #81 – Valentine’s Walking Brunch!

You’re invited to Valentine’s Walking Brunch at Izzy’s Gym on Sat 15 Feb! Come hit the VR treadmill: walk, websurf, and hangout with friends.

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Dancer #16 – Zoe Llewelyn

Second Life, and any online virtual community like it, can be a social lifeline to those who may be more isolated, marginalized or cut off in real life. There is a lot said these days about how virtual life is causing us to interact with each other less…but few people talk about the flip side of that. For many of us, virtual life can help us gain connections we lack in RL.