“Gimme Six!” – A Tourist Guide to WoW pt. 3 – Leisure and Spa

Vaneeesa has asked the iRez authors to “share 6 of their favorite, must see, places in virtual space.

This is the World of Warcraft version.

People travel for different reasons, so here are six locations that might appeal to a broad range of virtual tourists.

  1. Spectacular Nature – Howling fjord
  2. City Break – Dalaran
  3. Leisure and Spa – Gallywix Pleasure Palace
  4. Horror and Mystery
  5. Humanitarian Aid Work
  6. History Tour

They will be posted in a series of six parts.

Leisure and Spa – Gallywix Pleasure Palace

  • Recommended level: Any
  • Expansion Pack: Trial account

Gallywix Pleasure Palace is the privately built luxury location for the rich Trade Prince Gallywix. Gallywix is a goblin lead figure, however he is infamous for being extremely greedy and betraying his own people. Currently Gallywix is nowhere to be found, which probably also is the reason to why this place is open to the public.

Beneath, a picture shows the ongoing construction of this location with a giant statue of Gallywix’ head.

The place is entirely safe for Horde players, but you’ll need someone to summon you up there unless you have a flying mount yourself – that means without friends to help you, you’ll need to be level 60.

The Pleasure Palace features a swimming pool with tropical bar area, a grenade golf course, suitable accommodation, and a sauna. The location is popular for guild gatherings and other casual affairs. If you are interested in a classic vacation of relaxation in this world of war, this would be your destination.

Picture credit: Geraint Ascanis at http://wow.freierbund.de

The existence of a place like this is interesting for several reasons.

First off it plays no role for player progression, so the purpose of this location has been heavily discussed. It’s unusual to find such significant areas without any quests leading you here, explaining to you what’s going on.

Furthermore, it’s located in a level 10-20 zone, yet players leveling there can not reach the palace. This has led people to call it an Easter egg, a so-called hidden treat for explorers. It’s also possible that this place will contain quests or similar in a future patch, or perhaps it’s a recognition that guilds need venues for gathering and that it’s a fun scene catering to role players.

Gallywix Pleasure Palace can be seen as the only greenish dot mid-west on the map of Azshara underneath.

Author: Ironyca Lee
I am a WoW blogger and game analysis student.

23 thoughts on ““Gimme Six!” – A Tourist Guide to WoW pt. 3 – Leisure and Spa

      1. ha, I had no idea that WoW had such a place, but as you describe it, I guess it IS kind of unusual. The pool really rocks – I’d totally hang out there! 🙂

        Is the map you posted the way anyone in-world can see it? So you wouldn’t only find the spot by wandering every cm of land, you might just look at the map and say “Hello, what’s this? Let’s go look!”

        Of course, as a pathetic Level 2 I’d have to get someone like Moni with her multiple 85’s to give my frail avatar a lift! 😛

        1. Hehe, get ready for a lengthy description.

          This map can be brought up by pressing “m” in game, which opens up a world map.Then you click the Azshara zone to zoom in.

          If you’ve never been in Azshara, your map will be brown, the color of the canvas. The map I added is fully explored and you can see everything in it.

          To explore the whole map, you’ll need to move around it with your character, and often you’ll find that you need to go to certain spots that will trigger a new portion to show up on the map.

          I don’t remember how the palace works, if you’ll need to go up there before you can really see what it is and the map will show you, or if you can run to the edge and it will trigger. Otherwise, if you are just a lvl 10 goblin in the area, you might have the whole map explored, except this small brown dot, that otherwise would be green.

            1. oh, ha… that’s a little different… isn’t it…

              So any new place is a blank map?

              And do you have a specific “road” or “directions” or do you just “wander & find”?

              1. Well, there are paths and roads, but to explore everything you have to go to some of the outskirts of the maps.

                When you’ve explored EVERYTHING, every map in the whole world, you get rewarded with an achievement, a tabard and a title fx “Ironyca the Explorer”

          1. OIC so the “cheat” map you showed us is kind of like “Captain’s Log”… after you explore… when you go there for the very first time it’s just a blank map and you DO have to crawl every CM to find stuff then?

            When did you say WoW will be getting the Google Earth expansion?

  1. wow, you’re totally kicking ass with Google+ likes! — ha — I wonder if anyone is actually there to see them?

    I saw an infographic on Mashable the other day — Pinterest is all women… G+ is all guys…

        1. OT: hey, I was just thinking how EVERYBODY is Level 85 these days – ho hum… what about a new rating where you add up the Levels of ALL your alts and then give that number!?

            1. haha, no no, not as anything at all…

              I was just Off Topic riffing…

              You know, You’re L85, Moni’s L85, Felicia Day’s L85… so I thought it’d be funny to add the Levels of all your alt together and say, hmm… “I”… “we”.. are Level 362!

              1. Oh I get it. I just added my levels up and my total is 536.

                There’s actually a challenge going around called “2012”. If you are part of this challenge, you are trying to reach 2012 levels in total during this year, so we’re halfway through.
                I’m not sure if you are allowed to add the levels you currently have, or if it’s a clean 2012 levels in the year 2012.
                I’m not participating myself 😀 I’m a slow leveler and I like it that way.

                1. HOLY CRAP!!

                  2012 levels! So, obviously, that’s OVER 20 maxed avatars!! 😛


                  Hmm… I wonder if the BDSM peeps in the SL dungeons have “levels”… that might get pretty interesting…

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