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2014 – Year of Reinvention

Happy 2014! ūüėÄ Apologies in advance for writing a lacklustre blog post…Blog-writing is not a priority for…

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Of A Valentine’s Past…

Andrea66 Resident sent you a notecard. He hesitated, his heart hammering wildly while the notecard loaded. It…

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Previz #66 – Pink & Blue

NEW NEW YORK, 5 June — I was reading a couple of posts by Avital Norman Nathman,…

A white or "porcelain" untextured, but 3D modeled, avatar character by Ironyca
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Making a 3D Game Character Myself

SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE OF EMERYVILLE, CA, 21 May — Legendary game designer Ironyca Lee, wait, scratch that, Legendary…

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Gallery Weekend Berlin 2012

BERLIN, 26 April — Opening here tomorrow is Gallery Weekend Berlin 2012: 51 Galleries and 51 Openings…

frame from the VB34 machinima
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VB34 – Machinima

KANDAHAR, 10 March — Light & Space artist Betty Tureaud and performance artist Vaneeesa Blaylock collaborated for…

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VB Previz #55 – Demo Days

Previz #55 / VB31 – Demo Days Saturday 21 January 2012 10am – Noon SLT 6pm –…

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VB Previz #43 – Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?

Previz: DO YOU WANNA DATE MY AVATAR!? This piece considers how we choose who to spend time…

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Maurizio Cattelan

Hey Everybody!! I got another postcard from Vaneeesa! She did an interview with the Italian bad-boy artist…

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VB Previz #36 – Gogbot

Hi folks, this is Ze Moo here at the Virtual Gogbot festival with Virtual World Performance Artist Vaneeesa Blaylock. Hi Vaneeesa, you’re going to be performing on Sunday?

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Felicia Day

The truth is that Felicia Day does not piss me off, she amazes me. She saw a lack of opportunity so she created opportunity. She felt disdain for gamers, so she created a web series that celebrates gamers. She understands the media of our age.

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Field Trip Report: WoW!

Every time someone new came over from SL, or every time VeeBee got lost, you don’t just “TP me over”… the group has to chill out while somebody runs off to fetch the lost soul. While a bit of a nuisance, this made land and space much more real, much more tangible. You really were in a place, and other places and distances had real meaning.

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VB17 Dark Side of the Moon

In VB17 the cast created a Human Dodecahedron 3-1/2 kilometers above the Booville sim… and then… WE DROPPED IT!

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Ideology & Aesthetics

If you think about Andy Warhol & Robert Mapplethorpe, their artistic practices and sensibilities were pretty different, but I think their underlying world views were fairly in sync. On the other hand I kind of suspect that while Paris Hilton & Britney Spears seem to have similar aesthetics, that their underlying ideologies are actually different.

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Sweet 16

On 16-17 April 2010 VB/CO celebrated our 1st anniversary with a 26-hour performance artwork at Odyssey Performance Simulator.

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Go Oranje!

ha ha ha – my avatar at fifa.com! Where, btw, I’m “vaneeesab” because some *b* already took…

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Girl Next Door TWO!

There’s a brand new Girl Next Door in town… and she’s worth it… just for the shoes!…

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VB Previz #31 – Gracie Kendall (GK3)

The Gracie Kendal Project- A Conversation with my Avatar. graciekendal.wordpress.com Gracie, this particular image is one of…

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The Gracie Kendal Project

http://graciekendal.wordpress.com/2009/11/06/the-gracie-kendal-project/ Some people might say that Kris Schomaker is obsessed with her avatar, I think that Gracie…

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VB Previz #28 – Running Fence

I know it’s been done IRL, but how amazing it would be to do this out of avatars holding hands! I guess if we wanted to cross a 256-meter SIM, it’d take, like, uh, 256 avatars!?

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VB Previz #15 – Body Transplant

What would you have if you put George Bush’s brain in David Beckham’s body? Or Paris Hilton’s…

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Eloh Eliot – Starlight

Starlight IV, originally uploaded by Eloh Eliot. kk — sorry my 2nd SL artist post is about…

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Avatars and Web2.0 Tools

VB03 LINKS ‚ÄĘ VB03 PERFORMANCE DOCUMENT ‚ÄĘ The Cast of VB03 ‚ÄĘ VB03 Rehearsal Images ‚ÄĘ VB03…

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VB Previz #3 – Mary

VB01 & VB02 featured identical “clone” avatars. VB03 featured completely unique avatars united only by common shoes….