Haiku Speedbuild #2

This week we’re at the just announced LEA11 (Linden Endowment for the Arts) project Alice in Cornelland. Haiku Speedbuild is lucky to be the first event at this new education / exploration region searching for a “virtual haptic.” Our March poems are from Beth Griffenhagen’s book Haiku for the Single Girl, and this week they’re read for us by 16-year-old slam poet & photographer Hanna Lee Reehl!

DJ Haraway & Gina Broono collaborated (and dance a lot while they worked) on:

One night my mom asked,
“You do still like boys,” (pause) “right?”
Yes, Mom. Sadly, yes.

many white cubes and parallelograms in a heap on the ground
DJ Haraway & Gina Broono / inspired by Beth Griffenhagen’s Haiku for the Single Girl


Ami Tamura was inspired by:

I’m apathetic
About my chipped nail polish
Among other things.

virtual sculpture of hands with very chipped nailpolish working on a keyboard and monitor and surrounded by reams of paper printed project proposals, as inspired by a poem from Beth Griffenhagen's book Haiku for the Single Girl
Ami Tamura / inspired by Beth Griffenhagen’s Haiku for the Single Girl


Fafner Hofmann chose:

I hope that men will
Forgive me for not being
Zooey Deschanel.

a tall, monolithic structure with a series of grainy lines running up and down
Fafner Hofmann / inspired by Beth Griffenhagen’s book Haiku for the Single Girl



Short machinima of projects by: Haraway & Broono, Tamura, Hoffman:


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S K I L L . B O R R O W E R
• Music: Hack the Network / ccMixter

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Author: Xue Faith
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