You know those sundays

When you log in and find yourself wearing all the shirts from your inventory you can wear (I think it`s about 38)+  some shopping bags and a bunch of balloons and wonder what the fuck you did last night.
At some point I must have figured it was a great idea to wear all the shirts and go shopping.
Jeez. No more SL whiskey for me.

When I woke up this morning.
When I woke up this morning.
A revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having!

6 thoughts on “You know those sundays

    1. OMG Agnes! That’s why they put “keyboard lock” on these phones!!

      Actually it reminds me of a kind of funny story… there were these two female avatars who were dating… but it turns out neither one was actually a girl… one was a dog IRL (used to log in all day while the owner was at work) and the other was a neighbor who used to put their phone in their back pocket and didn’t realize they were butt-dialing into the mobile server!

      Wonder what those chats were like!?

  1. Agnes! You weren’t that drunk!

    From late ’11 through the first 1/4 of ’13 I spent a lot of time in the ‘ol tanning bed. You may have noticed my, um, “robust” complexion. Well Yordie & Trill finally did a little intervention and convinced me to swear off the tanning bed. So I’ve returned to the pasty white girl you used to know me as.

    Meanwhile last Saturday Becky invited me to come here her sing. But between the sudden change in complexion and getting “stuck” in my avatar from the Child Avatar Pride Parade… well… I just didn’t know how to dress for her upscale club. So, my secret shame, I missed the performance because I didn’t know what to wear.

    Anyway, I was sorting the inventory today (threw out 980 clothing items! 🙂 AND — When I logged back on — I was wearing ALL of the last 4 outfits I’d tried on!

    HAHAHA Can you believe it — you weren’t that drunk! — it was SL!!


  2. Ha ha ha. You mean SL was more drunk than me?

    Delete all those cancer beds. White is the new black anyway! Better pale than dead. 🙂

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