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“According to most people a mask is there to hide your real identity. I think it’s the other way around, you wear a mask because you want to show who you are. The avatars are here exactly for that, you can build your own identity and look like and behave the way you would like to do in so-called real life.” — Franco Mattes

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A Conversation with Ze Moo

You know, I had developed some alts, and then they met people who really loved those (pretty one dimensional) characters, and then I came out (sort of) and donated the alt account to them, and they are living it further. It’s maybe a bit like having a kid, and then letting it go.

Ravanel Griffon & Vanessa Blaylock trying on skins at the LAQ shop in Second Life
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Ravanel Griffon Visits Second Life

iRez’ most (virtual) worldly author dropped by Second Life last night for a late night shopping spree. New clothes. Facial. Cut, color & perm. All of it. And why not? Later today we’re taking the annual iRez author photo!

details of 4 avatar portraits. Close crops of the faces of Darkley Aeon, Monerda Skute, Connie Arida, and Strawberry Singh
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Big Heads (Avatar Selfies)

Big Heads. Avatar Selfies. Fish crawl out of the ocean. They walk on land. Avatars crawled out…

Red and Blue pills from the matrix and over a green matrix code background, but in this illustration the red pill is labeled Bitcoin, and the blue pill has the symbols for Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Yen
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Alt Avatar Ball

Avatars: Experience vs Represent Going to the Alt Avatar Ball? What happens when you wear an Avatar?…

photo of about a dozen similar looking male avatars all dressed in black
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Open call to participate in a study on avatar identity through USC!!

A friend of mine at USC in California is doing an avatar identity study. He only needs…

Avatar & Identity Introduction Banner
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Avatar & Identity – Introduction

Ever since Vaneeesa invited me over to write a guest post for iRez, I’ve been thinking about…

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Frozen in Porcelain

About 3 weeks ago, I handed in my 3D character Carl Fredricksen from “Up”. I didn’t expect…

A white or "porcelain" untextured, but 3D modeled, avatar character by Ironyca
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Making a 3D Game Character Myself

SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE OF EMERYVILLE, CA, 21 May — Legendary game designer Ironyca Lee, wait, scratch that, Legendary…

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Black Swan

I have an adult body… and the mind of a child… No one whose physical appearance is…

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Ronin Avatar

I was never really supposed to be. Actually I was just explaining “me” to someone tonight… and…

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Pretty / Stupid

Vaneeesa would be more diplomatic. She would construct a more medi-a-propriate statement. Vaneeesa would lie about the…

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Heather Zapatero

Stop Buying Art! Buy Artists Instead! Do You Wanna Date My Avatar Auction Report #1 Last Saturday…

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VB Previz #43 – Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?

Previz: DO YOU WANNA DATE MY AVATAR!? This piece considers how we choose who to spend time…

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Ideology & Aesthetics

If you think about Andy Warhol & Robert Mapplethorpe, their artistic practices and sensibilities were pretty different, but I think their underlying world views were fairly in sync. On the other hand I kind of suspect that while Paris Hilton & Britney Spears seem to have similar aesthetics, that their underlying ideologies are actually different.

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Go Oranje!

ha ha ha – my avatar at! Where, btw, I’m “vaneeesab” because some *b* already took…