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Douglas Story & Desdemona Enfield

Remix Art breaks the 20th century hegemony of top-down, 1-to-many, read-only culture. Second Life is the land of User Generated Content (UGC) It is a world where Story & Enfield can freely create these works. And now in Ripple we see them paying it forward, empowering readers to become authors in a read-write culture where the world we experience can be shaped by our own hands.

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Tank Woman

If a merchant files a complaint, the lab will aggressively invade your inventory, delete your content, suspend your account, and ban your account. If a consumer files a complaint, the lab doesn’t care.

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Sascha Pohflepp

Pohfelpp’s video is about a world that never was, yet is couched with iconography and design aesthetics we remember so well from childhood that we strangely, unexpectedly, effortlessly find ourselves slipping into this alternate river of time.

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Burn2 Campsite

You can’t say a bad word about Burning Life ’09, and indeed Silene’s Artist Camp was all about creating on-site, learning new things, and interacting with other artists. Still, I think the bulk of ’09 was an open house of amazing stuff to go look at. Perhaps in this tight-knit 6-region Burn2 we can interact more.

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VB21 – Gogbotahedron!

VB/CO performance of “VB21 – Gogbotahedron” at GOGBOT 2010 at Enschede, The Netherlands FL & Neocortexx SL. Fractal-skinned avatars joined hands in a human lattice to create a giant dodecahedron, or “Gogbotahedron.”

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Magdalena Guerrero Blaylock

No blog post today.
Spent all of Friday in emergency room with FL mom (aka

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VB Previz #36 – Gogbot

Hi folks, this is Ze Moo here at the Virtual Gogbot festival with Virtual World Performance Artist Vaneeesa Blaylock. Hi Vaneeesa, you’re going to be performing on Sunday?

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Based on the, scandalous to some, idea that things in the universe don’t stay constant forever and that Homo sapiens don’t necessarily represent the ultimate intelligence in all of “creation,” we have the GOGBOT FESTIVAL celebrating the Technological Singularity this week in Enschede, The Netherlands.

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Field Trip: Blue Mars

Second Life is, famously, all about “UGC” – User Generated Content; WoW is all about amazing developer made content; Blue Mars tries to split the UGC difference with Developer Class and Consumer Class.

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WoW RL Videos

WoW Workshop with artist Aram Bartholl from LagunaArtMuseum And… from the comments below… Ironyca turned me on…

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Morning Coffee Challenge

In the world of your choice, snap a photo of yourself having a morning cup of coffee (wearing pajamas, standing at the sink, and gazing out the kitchen window is a nice way to go, but not required) and submit it to the group “Morning Coffee Challenge on flickr