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Diary #31 – V Magazine

NEW YORK, 2012 — Gallery Xue / NYC is a real, working art gallery, but it also…

Esra’a Al Shafei of Mideast Youth and Xue Faith of Gallery Xue
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Graves Too

PORT OF LONG BEACH, 7 Aug — Thanks to everyone for spending time at Gallery Xue /…

Color photograph of virtual fashion designer Jackie Graves at VB41 - Rock the Casbah at Gallery Xue / Port of Long Beach
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Jackie Graves

OXYMORON, SECOND LIFE, 7 July — As part of iRez’ “World Today,” today, I logged on, looked…

Avatars dressed in Jackie Graves' "Poison" paramilitary uniforms and participating in VB41 - Rock the Casbah
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VB41 – Rock the Casbah

PORT OF LONG BEACH, 4 August — Newton’s Laws of Motion: First Law: A body in motion…

Gina Broono wearing Graves "Poison" uniform in VB41 Rock the Casbah, at Gallery Xue / Port of Long Beach
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VB41 – Cast

PORT OF LONG BEACH, 4 August — Today combatants from Red, Green, and Purple teams base jumped…

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Virtual Assassins Wanted!

LONG BEACH, 4 August — Calling all virtual base jumpers, assassins, pranksters & secret agents: VB41 –…

B&W photograph of performers at Gallery Xue / NYC performing in VB40 Charlotte, Forever!
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VB40 – Charlotte, Forever!

NEW NEW YORK, 28 July — Sometimes a time, a place, and a sensibility can simply be…

B&W Photo of Pianist Pixelated Gina performing on a white, grand piano, at Gallery Xue / NYC
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VB40 – Cast

NEW NEW YORK, 28 July — Today at Gallery Xue / NYC 9 cellists and 2 pianists…

Group of authors behind a table
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iRez Author Reception Saturday!

NEW NEW YORK, 30 June — Please join us today for hors d’oeuvres & conversation with some…

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VB34 – Posters

KANDAHAR, 10 March — Today’s performance of Betty Tureaud and Vaneeesa Blaylock’s collaborative work, Net / Work,…

Sojourner Starship & Vaneeesa Blaylock watching performance video in Sourjourner's screening room
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Celluloid Heroes

KANDAHAR, 24 March — Friends dancing at a mountain site featuring Betty Tureaud’s immersive light and space…

Xue Faith and friends on the ledge outside the Egypt Club
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VB33 – Sugar Mountain

PALESTINE, 2 March — On a slender, meter-wide ledge outside the Egypt Club, Xue Faith and 15…

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VB31 – Demo Days

VB31 – Demo Days Gallery Xue / Palestine 21 January 2012 Are avatars “real?” What about the…

poster of avatars in betty tureaud landscape
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VB Previz #58 – Net / Work

VB31 – Demo Days was the brain child of Queen of Demo, Agnes Sharple. Then our gallerist…

image of Vaneeesa and Xue on a farm at Arkansas State
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VB Previz #57 – Sugar Mountain

My daughter Xue is turning 20. This past half year has thankfully been a rather harmonious time…

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VB30 – Born Again

CONCEPT: To celebrate the dawn of a new year, and Vaneeesa Blaylock / Company’s 4th year of…

xue faith in VB29 natatorium
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VB29 – Natatorium

VB29 Natatorium Compton’s Live, London City Saturday 17 December 2011 • 10am – Noon PDT • 6…