Month: December 2012

augmented reality image of rolls of American currency as tall towers in a city landscape
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Wintermoot Mixed Reality Festival: Call for Entries

Hello iRez, I know this is kind of last minute, but I am in my 3rd year…

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Rushing into 2013…

…while wishing it may be the best year ever for everyone in all worlds, possible and impossible!

Beautiful Vampire Sue Hunniton - Second Life
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My Interview With A Vampire

You don’t have to look too far to notice that Second Life has a highly evolved realm…

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The End of Second Life

  The End of Second Life I hear you, “Not again!” But this time it’s real. I…

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Fiona Blaylock’s Birthday

Fiona Blaylock’s Birthday It’s my big sister’s birthday today. Boxing Day Baby! We hung out for a…

Gustave Courbet's 1855 painting, "The Painter's Studio: A Real Allegory of a Seven Year Phase in my Artistic (and Moral) Life" sometimes also referred to as "The Artist's Studio"
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The Artist’s Studio

The Artist’s Studio in the 19th Century Gustave Courbet’s monumental (nearly 4 x 6 meters) 1855 oil…

ScreenCap of a Wordpress post showing the comments at the bottom of the post with the Disqus plugin. This is the correct place to leave comments so they do post with our Disqus system.
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Disqus Comment Mystery

Hi Guys! Looks like we have the Disqus comment mystery solved. If you REPLY to a comment…

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iRez World!

In this holiday season we’ve been reminiscing on 2012, our diverse pool of authors, our diverse identities,…

World Cup photograph "Spain vs Holland" showing players in bright orange uniforms jumping and cheering
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The Difference Between Holland & The Netherlands

That great font of information C. G. P. Grey has just released a new “geography” video explaining…

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Dear Authors:

Hi everyone! Cool news, you can now add your iRez “feed” to your page! Also if…

screenshot of wordpress backend showing author bio info
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Dear Authors

Hi All! iRez is back from blog limbo! It seems like everything is back and good. There…

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Hosoi Ichiba Gone

I’ve used all my favorite adjectives when describing the beautiful Japanese Edo period regions of Hosoi Ichiba. Earlier this…

Close up detail of holiday photo featuring iRez authors Xue Faith, Trilby Minotaur, Vaneeesa Blaylock, Yordie Sands, Strawberry Singh and Canary Beck
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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Our virtual salon had 31 contributing authors in 2012, all the way from Agnes to…

cross-processed color photo (showing characteristic acid-greenish tones) of Xue Faith. Cropped to headshot.
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New Headshot!

Breaking News – Xue has a new hedshot! Haha, kk, lame, I know, but it IS my…

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Of Branches and Stories

  Who is the new face at iRez, you may ask. Allow me a few words about…

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S&TVC – Breaking For The Holidays

I’ve just returned from yet another journey into real life and I’m exhausted. My life is changing….