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Title graphic of Vanessa Blaylock in a white dress wearing Google Glass on a catwalk runway with a white background and with superimposed typography "Vaneeesa Confessions of a Google Fangirl"
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Confessions of a Google Fangirl

Vanessa a Google fangirl? Strange but true! I love Google! Google+ Rocks! I want to have Vic…

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This is my 25th post on iRez and I wanted to do something really exciting and spectacular…

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Building a community

You know, I have been thinking about community a  lot lately. A few weeks ago, Vaneeesa posted…

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The Facebook Says: Culture & Technology


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Feeding the Zuck

MENLO PARK, CA, 19 July — Mixed reality artist Kristine Schomaker joined the iRez group of authors…

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iRez on Facebook

MENLO PARK, 22 June — Today this blog, I Rez Therefore I Am, has put up a…

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The Facebook Says: Art 2

THE HAGUE, 21 June — After publishing the first batch of responses to The Facebook Says: Art…

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The Facebook Says: Art

THE HAGUE, 16 June — On Thursday I asked a few Facebook Friends a question about art….

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Girls Around Me

4 April — The meteoric rise of iPhone App Girls Around Me to, well, deletion… has been…

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Vaneeesa Blaylock

INSIDE MARK ZUCKERBERG’S GLOBAL BRAIN, 4 April — Meet Vaneeesa Blaylock, Vaneeesa Blaylock, Vaneeesa Blaylock, Vaneeesa Blaylock,…

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Equal Protection

  MENLO PARK, CA, 28 May — It’s heartbreaking to realize that Facebook can be so inclusive…

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http://diasporadical.com/2010/12/16/time-person-of-the-year-is-zuckerberg-not-assange/ http://www.hulu.com/watch/202005/saturday-night-live-a-message-from-mark-zuckerberg It was really only a few years ago that everything I produced was Copyright All…

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733 Friends

As the rather dramatic image above shows, my SL Network is so big (number of peeps and density of interconnections) that the SL “bolus” has become “me” and pushed all other connections out much like a star gone nova creating an annular nebula!

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Happy Birthday to Meee!

Aww, thanks Facebook “friends!” 🙂

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Mourning the Facebook Dead

If you need still more irony in your breakfast cereal, consider that the fictional film “Avatar” was #1 at the box office again this week… even as real Avatars are being executed on Facebook!

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Data Viz: Visualizer

I’m going thru some serious withdrawal pains with Touchgraph being down. So I’ve been shopping for alternate FB Friend Visualizations.

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400 Friends

You can clearly see the “cancerous” sovereign nation of Second Life continue to, like nanobots with a defective self-replication-stop switch, take over my network.

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300 Friends

In this frame you’ll notice a giant blob of friend-protoplasm threatening to take over this Friend Network Visualization! Yes, it’s that tightly interconnected army of Second Lifers!

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Big Thunder Mountain

Space Mountain is a “ride,” and that ride is more about Space Mountain than it is about you. Facebook is also a “ride,” and Facebook is more about Facebook than it is about you.

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218 Friends

This just happens to be the exact same number of “real/meaningless” “friends” that, uh, “someone” I know took almost 3 years on Facebook to acquire.

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100 Friends

The reason my FB account is under the name “Vanessa Blaylock” and not my “real” name Vaneeesa Blaylock, is that when I signed up, Facebook said that the name “Vaneeesa” was unacceptable because “too many repeating letters” – not allowed!

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Joined Facebook yesterday. Here’s a “Touchgraph” of my “Social Network”