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A Conversation with Ze Moo

You know, I had developed some alts, and then they met people who really loved those (pretty one dimensional) characters, and then I came out (sort of) and donated the alt account to them, and they are living it further. It’s maybe a bit like having a kid, and then letting it go.

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VB29 – Natatorium

VB29 Natatorium Compton’s Live, London City Saturday 17 December 2011 • 10am – Noon PDT • 6…

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Fútbol is Bullshit!

VB Rant Week 7 Bitchy Posts in 7 Angry Days http://vaneeesa.com/category/vaneeesa/rants/ Rant the first: Fútbol is Bullshit!…

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VB Previz #53 – Isomorphic

Isomorphic (1862) – being of identical or similar form, shape, or structure. In abstract algebra, an isomorphism…

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CYBERSPACE, 10 January — In the glorious free speech year of 2010 Rose was moderated out of…

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VB Previz #44 – VBCO/Multiverse 2011

On Saturday, 1 January 2011 the performance art organization Vaneeesa Blaylock / Company became VBCO/Multiverse VBCO/Multiverse is…

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VB Previz #40 – Kiss Me::Kill Me

The world’s greatest virtual-bleeding-heart-liberal Trill Zapatero wants to save the world, and she thinks we can start…

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Maurizio Cattelan

Hey Everybody!! I got another postcard from Vaneeesa! She did an interview with the Italian bad-boy artist…

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SAN FRANCISCO, 5 August — Today United States District Judge Vaughn R. Walker struck down anti-same-sex-marriage “Proposition…

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Ideology & Aesthetics

If you think about Andy Warhol & Robert Mapplethorpe, their artistic practices and sensibilities were pretty different, but I think their underlying world views were fairly in sync. On the other hand I kind of suspect that while Paris Hilton & Britney Spears seem to have similar aesthetics, that their underlying ideologies are actually different.

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Sweet 16

On 16-17 April 2010 VB/CO celebrated our 1st anniversary with a 26-hour performance artwork at Odyssey Performance Simulator.

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Nienke Klunder

LONDON, 4 July — Like Nikki S. Lee and Cindy Sherman, Nienke Klunder uses transformations of her…

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VB Previz #34 – Fraternal / Identical

MARKY MARK & VANEEESA IN THEIR “NORMAL” SHAPES & SKINS There is a genre of content creation…

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David Goldblatt

Women on a stage. In sexy high-heels no less. The moment in this David Goldblatt image is…

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Boy George

I’d like to talk about Boy George, not because his band rocked a few tunes back in…

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Charlie White

I’ve seen some of Charlie White’s work in the past, like his Alien at a Cocktail Party…

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6000 Degrees

Here are some excerpts from my 2003 work 6000 Degrees. As you can see in the video…