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Civil Rights in Cyberspace. A joke? No. It isn’t. Yes, the “old” chauvinisms based on things like gender, ethnicity, orientation, body image, age, ableness, are still with us. It’s an unfortunately long struggle. Today when so much of our humanity is expressed online, and when so many basic needs are met online, things like the Google+ Nymwars really matter. They effect the freedom of real people.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons of Nadya Tolokno and others in a protest march on 2007-6-11. Русский: Пётр Верзилов и Надежда Толоконникова на Марше несогласных в 2007 году в Москве (2007-06-11; фото Денис Бочкарев). English: Pyotr Verzilov and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova (Dissenters' March; 2007-06-11; Denis Bochkarev).
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Nadya Tolokno Hunger Strike Begins Today

In the colony, the inmates in charge of the brigades as well as their senior members are the ones tasked with depriving fellow inmates’ rights, terrorising them, and turning them into speechless slaves — all on the orders of the administration.

Illustration of Nadya Tolokno. Pussy Riot trial summer 2012.
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My Statement at My Parole Hearing

Everywhere—in schools, prisons and universities, at voting stations and sitting in front of the TV—we are taught to obey, to lie, to bite our tongues, to say “yes” when we want to say “no.” The great cause of our civilization is to foster in ourselves, our children and friends an antidote to this obedience—an obedience that eats people alive.

Letters to Nadya and Maria in Prison. Photo of the Pussy Riot trial in Russia. Nadya Tolokno. Maria Alyokhina. Yekaterina Samutsevich.
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Letters to Nadya and Maria in Prison

As part of the 17 Aug ’13 global Pussy Riot Solidarity Day, VBCO is collecting your letters to Nadya and Maria in prison. We’ll do our best to get your letters to Nadya and Maria.

Montage of 4 images: Mermaid Bryn (Bryn Michaels) Mermaid Yordie (Yordie Sands) Mermaid Vanessa (Vanessa Blaylock) and Mermaid Hanna (Hanna Lee)
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Mermaids and Pissants, 10 Questions with Scarlett Luv

In Part 2 of her “10 Questions” Scarlett asks Vanessa about Mermaids and Pissants. Of floating free. Of struggling through the mire.

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Noob Avatar Pride Parade – Machinima

I think this was the most fun parade so far. I loved being a noob again, walking…

Still Photo from Pride Parade
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Previz #68 – Avatar Pride Parade

CIRCUIT LA CORSE, MEEWALH SIM, SECOND LIFE MAINLAND, 9 August — Over the course of VB/CO’s history…

Montage of Senator Bayh with Purdue athletes and Alan Turing portrait illustration.
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Alan Turing & Title IX

BLETCHLEY PARK / WASHINGTON DC, 23 June — Today is British mathematician Alan Turing’s 100th birthday! Today…

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This Is What a Feminist Looks Like: Vanessa

NORTHAMPTON, MASSACHUSSETS, 7 June — Writer, blogger, wife, mother, feminist, and founder of The Mamafesto blog, Avital…

Vaneeesa Blaylock descending the steps of the federal courthouse in San Jose, CA after her losing her appeal against Google Inc. today
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The Public Square

ROBERT F PECKHAM FEDERAL COURTHOUSE, SAN JOSE, 2 May — Today Google Inc. made permanent their ban…

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Equal Protection

  MENLO PARK, CA, 28 May — It’s heartbreaking to realize that Facebook can be so inclusive…

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CYBERSPACE, 10 January — In the glorious free speech year of 2010 Rose was moderated out of…

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SAN FRANCISCO, 5 August — Today United States District Judge Vaughn R. Walker struck down anti-same-sex-marriage “Proposition…

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Violet Blue

SAN FRANCISCO, 22 February — Journalist, sex-blogger, and author of Open Source Sex Violet Blue has had…