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Sometimes the biggest insights come with a bit of levity and wit. Sometimes we just need a little laugh or smile.

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Don’t Let Pussy Riot Into the Cathedral

In the “Don’t Let Pussy Riot Into the Cathedral” video game you can protect the cathedral by whacking balaclava-clad Pussy Rioters on the head with a cross!

Agnes Sharple dressed as a Capitalist for Halloween
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I was invited to a Halloween party this year and I was trying to figure what to be. I Figured I`d go as a capitalist. That’s scary, right?

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It`s Have Sex With a Guy With a Mustache Day!

November 18. Have Sex With a Guy With a Mustache Day!

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It`s Movember!

Time to let that mo grow. Just because I am too darn lazy to type today, I`ll…

ScreenCap from "Hula Cam" at Burning Man 2012 video
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The real shit

Hula cam at Burning Man 2012   Don`t know about you, but it sure made me happy!…

ScreenCap from Makeup Video
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Human optical illusions

Or how to trick people into thinking you`re good looking. ┬áThe Jenna way.     “Bleach the…

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A Sonnet to Loo Roll

I am a tad bit under the weather as of late… or more plainly: I am sick…

Photo of "sexy nurse" in vinyl latex nurse uniform advertising mail order viagra, cialis and other drugs
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Viagra Humor

  The moment was right: I had a Viagra Humor moment today. You know those Viagra commercials…

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Laugh Out Loud!

Today I want to look closer on the “phenomenon” LOL. I believe it’s the most commonly used…

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Bitches, Feminism & Pussypower

I`ve often wondered why so many women refer to themself as bitches. Since when exactly did it…