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Why are so many artists complicit in the capitalist model of scarcity as the driving factor in cultural production? Our humanity is defined by our sharing! By writings that share 6 years of experience in 6 hours of reading. Yet our knee-jerk “privacy reaction” is to lock our creativity up and try to control its access and distribution. Culture should flow like water. Free Culture is the dream that another model for human creativity is possible.

If Lessig is Monet, then Stallman is Turner. Collage of pix of Lawrence Lessig, Claude Monet, Richard Stallman, and JMW Turner.
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If Lessig is Monet, then Stallman is Turner

In 1872 Claude Monet was ahead of his time. In 2004 Lawrence Lessig was ahead of his time. But how do we explain the insight of JMW Turner or Richard Stallman 30 years earlier still?

Shoulder length portrait of Vanessa Blaylock against a purple background. Blaylock wears a mask, and has the name "Vaneeesa Oh" over her head. The text on the image reads "Alt Ball: win a date with an Oh, and support The EFF"
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Alt Ball: Win a Date with an Oh & Support The EFF

Avatars can win a date and support the Electronic Frontier Foundation at the Alt Ball at Club Morpheus. Avatars, Identity, Freedom & EFF, everybody wins!

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Eloh Eliot Surfaces Briefly

THE METAVERSE, 17 June — Legendary Open Source Avatar Skin designer Eloh Eliot surfaced briefly today. So…

Newbie Blogger Initiative 2012 logo. Typography over image of dragon, monitor, and mouse
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Creative Freedom

NEWBIE BLOGGER INITIATIVE, 31 MAY — Wow, month’s end already! I’d like to do one more piece…

The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, original William Walters 1884 Gallery
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The Walters Art Museum

BALTIMORE, 8 May — William Walters may have died in the 19th century, but today the museum…

image from a kickstarter "anniversary edition" ad
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The Kickstarter Conundrum

YOUR WALLET, 13 March — Last month Kickstarter’s co-founder Yancey Strickler famously, or now infamously, told Carl…

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Bradley & Julian

These are the 2 most inspiring videos I have seen in a long time. — VB

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WikiRebels, The Documentary

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WikiTerms It was really only a few years ago that everything I produced was Copyright All…

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Banned Books

A lot has been said about SL7B / Rosegate. A lot of fine ideas by a lot…

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Secondary Creators

I’ve already said a lot about Free Culture. I just want to make 2 finer points: the…

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Violet Blue

SAN FRANCISCO, 22 February — Journalist, sex-blogger, and author of Open Source Sex Violet Blue has had…

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Eloh Eliot is a Freak

Eloh Eliot is a freak – and I’m pretty upset about it! I’ve written about this mutant…

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Free Culture

One semester in my undergraduate program at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, I took a…