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Parody poster for the film "Inception" featuring avatars in a virtual world as characters from the film narrative
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Berry’s Monday Meme: Inception

Here’s my entry for Berry’s “Monday Meme Challenge.” Click the image to see it in full sized…

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Moments @ LEA11

Even if LEA11 is developing more slowly than Dubai, it still is a fairly busy place ATM….

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Diary #39 – Fiona Blaylock Naked Art Show Raided by NTPD!

(Diary #39 – Mom’s Instagrams of me ‘n Fiona in ballet clothes)   You know how agent…

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Slapping My Snotty Sister

My stupid sister Fiona opened an art gallery featuring pix of OUR FAMILY NAKED!? Is she stoopid?…

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Jane McGonigal in my Tanning Bed!?

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve been hitting the tanning bed pretty heavily for the past 18…

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Fiona Blaylock’s Birthday

Fiona Blaylock’s Birthday It’s my big sister’s birthday today. Boxing Day Baby! We hung out for a…

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Diary #38: 1984 – 2001 – 2012

MARTHA’S VINEYARD, 1984 — I guess the reason you’re supposed to do a “Diary” as it happens…

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19 August – Fiona & Club Republik

NU REPUBLIK, 19 Aug — With Olympic world harmony already a thing of the past, we return…

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Diary #28

PORT-AU-PRINCE, 1994 — Fiona and I holding a crystal ball in the lobby of “Blaylock’s Palmistry,” a…

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COVET SIM, SECOND LIFE, 5 August — My globetrotting sister Fiona called me out of the blue…

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Diary #10

MARTHA’S VINEYARD, 1977 — Summertime on The Vineyard. I was never actually this young, was I? No…

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Diary #7

TEL AVIV, 2010 — My sister Fiona, her boyfriend Karl, and Karl’s son Oskar on the beach…

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Diary #6

KASSEL, 2007 — My sister Fiona and her boyfriend Karl at documenta XII. With documenta XIII opening…

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VB26 – Performance Document

VB26 – Average Biscuit Bay, An Li 30 April 2011 5-7pm GMT PREVIZ: http://vaneeesa.com/2011/04/21/previz-average/ RAW IMAGES: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vaneeesab/sets/72157626491886731/…

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VB27 – UnWedding2.0

VB27 – Un/Wedding2.0 4 June 2011 3pm SLT The Rose Theatre Kaya Angel, proprietor / builder Elvera…

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Fiona Blaylock

I took a class at Builders Brewry and who should be in it but my sister Fiona….

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Vanessa Blaylock

Vanessa Blaylock: Born: 25 April 1969, Georgetown University Hospital, Washington, DC BFA Choreography: June 1991, Hong Kong…