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Minecraft 1.6.2 ~ There be Horses!

After the initial release of what has been dubbed ‘the Horse Update’, MC Devs resolved a host of bugs (yuck sounds infectious)   and so today felt like a good day to update, round up my own steed and maybe pal around with one of my willing offspring.

What can we expect from Minecraft 1.6?

Besides the horses, MC 1.6 brings us more options in our ‘deco’ palette, with new carpet, hardened or stained clay, new storage options for coal, hay bales, more health boosts (Survival mode),  Resource Packs (what used to be ‘Texture’ Packs), and  more.

What’s changed since the last major update?

The first obvious change you will notice is the Minecraft Launcher itself, which has been redesigned. Has additional options/tabs near the top for players who have more than one version of MC on their computer/laptop, or for those who share their machines with other players. Not to worry however, just hit that play button and everything else after that looks the same.

Another change that I thought was interesting, deals with your health/hunger points (Survival Mode), in that when you regenerate your health, your hunger points will go down. I don’t know how I feel about that yet, especially if you’re like me and play with nil to zero amounts of food in inventory. We’ll see though.

How do I get a horse? Where are they? Do they eat? Do they have babies?

So in my wanderings on the net I’ve always gone back to my favorite Youtube channel (s) for anything Minecraft, besides the Wiki and Forums. CaptainSparklez’ channel is probably the most popular Minecraft channel, so here’ his overview..There are a few more out there, a simple keyword search for Minecraft 1.6 should bring up plenty of results.

Horses will usually spawn in a plains biome, and come in different coats, donkeys are rare, and if you put a horse and donkey together they will produce a mule. They eat sugar, hay, bread, carrots and other foods. Another cool thing you can get for your horse is armor which can be found in dungeon chests! Donkeys have the capability of carrying storage by equipping them with a chest…. and by using ‘leads’ another addition to this update.

On Creative Mode…. meet my new friend. Not so green are you Shrek?

Other Minecraft News:

Minecraftians who use Oculus Rift can now up the ante in their visceral experience with the new Virtuix Omni Treadmill. It would be a financial miracle at least on my side, if I ever got to play game with the headsets let alone an omni directional virtual reality treadmill, so the next best thing, I guess lol, is to give you this link 🙂

One day it shall be mine… oh yes.. it will be mine.

In conclusion..

For you Pocket Edition craftians, MCPE 7.0 is now out with tadaaaa Realms Alpha Support! Say what? Minecraft Realms is the answer to multiplayer ..playing…. if you play MCPE. However since it is still in Alpha, I would suggest holding off on DL the test build, seeing that Support has just been implemented. Aim for the PC Edition, if you can, and hopefully by the end of this year, we could see a beta, *crosses fingers because Mojang reiterates, that it is gonna be slooowwwwww going*

Minecraft Realms Support Site (its VERY alpha.. like just gave birth alpha)
More reading about MCPE Realms

Thank you again for stopping by and please feel free to add any comments, questions, ideas, rants, critiques, drawings, Server Info, or seeds even!  here at the comment section below. Cheers!

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4 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.6.2 ~ There be Horses!

  1. Oh Wow Wendz! So exciting! I’ve been putting just a few minutes in on Pocket Edition – must blog that soon – but if there’s horsies! – well, it must be time to get the desktop edition.

    Do people have Occulus Rift already? I thought it was just a handful of developers so far? It sounds amazing and it’s supposed to come at a “consumer” price point. I’m not personally into shooter games, but if both Second Life and Minecraft are supporting it, how exciting is that!!

  2. Hi Vanessa!! Actually Oculus Rift is supposedly accepting pre-orders for their August Release, here’s the linky>> https://www.oculusvr.com/pre-order/ :O

    And there’s a list of games that are ‘Oculus Ready’.. The Omni Treadmill happens to be another addition to our gamingophilia (is that a word?) uhm… stuff. I’m boxing up my Wii yoga mat and saving LOL because you’re correct… these are supposed to be reasonably priced for the modest gamer~

    1. that’s for the “Developer Kit” – right? Us mere mortals have to wait a bit longer I think? Yes, if I’m not broke when it comes out… I’ll get one! 🙂

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