Agnes Sharple dressed as a Capitalist for Halloween


Agnes Sharple dressed as a Capitalist for Halloween

So.  It`s Halloween. A tradition I don`t have any relation to to what so ever,
maybe except for the time I`ve spent in Second Life where every day is/can be Halloween.

Norwegians have no tradition for celebrating  Halloween. I know very little about it. I know people dress up in scary costumes and go from door to door shouting “trick or treat”.

Snapshot_027When I was little we did the same thing during Christmas time. We went Julebukk. That ment dressing up as something.  Didn`t have to be scary and then we rang the doorbells at random houses.  Unlike Halloween`s trick or treat trick, we had to perform when peeps opened the doors.  Usually a song.

I also know Halloween originally is ment to remember and celebrate the saints and martyrs and the rest of the dead (?).  Well, when you are dead you`re gonna be that for a long time, so why not? It`s originally a religious (catholic?) tradition and I`m not religious at all, but I am fascinated by death. It`s one of the few things we know absolutely nothing about.  Theat`s quite exciting, right?  So, with this in mind I can relate to Halloween.

When I said Norwegians didn`t celebrate Halloween I lied.  Some do. Over the past years it has become more and more common and popular. Especially because of American cultural influence.  The imported tv-series and aggressiv business companies promoting Halloween effects to make big money. So, I was invited to a Halloween party this year and I was trying to figure what to wear/be.  It had to be something scary and with the aggressive ads all over media, promoting Halloween costumes, gadgets and sweets, I Figured I`d go as a capitalist. That`s scary, right?

So, here I am. A Halloween capitalist. Boo!

agnes halloween

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