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What does it mean to go virtual dancing? For 2014 I’ll profile a dancer a night for the year in an effort to accrete a portrait of the people, sensibilities and experiences that make up this popular virtual activity.

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Dancer #16 – Zoe Llewelyn

Second Life, and any online virtual community like it, can be a social lifeline to those who may be more isolated, marginalized or cut off in real life. There is a lot said these days about how virtual life is causing us to interact with each other less…but few people talk about the flip side of that. For many of us, virtual life can help us gain connections we lack in RL.

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Dancer #15 – Dr. Cranium Voom

How others perceive me is incidental to how I want my avatar to look to me. I spend more time looking at my own av than any other. If I don’t look good, I’ll fuss with my avatar constantly, and won’t have fun.

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Dancer #14 – Talon Manx

I come here to escape, my job is very stressful and the music and dancing afford me an outlet to unwind.

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Dancer #13 – Rozoshka

Those Russian girls are dancing queens
Juchei far out in Russian jeans
They look so sweet, they talk so neat
Juchei they twist to Russian beat
— Nina Hagen

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Dancer #12 – Snezjka

Russian Club Luxor is a fun club with great beats and hot dancers. Unfortunately I don’t speak Russian and the peeps there don’t speak English. Good thing dance is a universal language!

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Dancer #11 – Paypabak Writer & Lisa Hitchcock

It’s so great to watch our avatars dance close, then pull away and swing around and do impossible things! And dancing is major Chat Time! Whether just one on one with Lisa, or in a group at Skybound. Dancing allows folks to let their hair down and vent and tease.

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Dancer #10 – Grace Valerik

I’d like to be fun, funny, and just a little wild and crazy. I do want to look good on the dance floor. I like outfits that show a bit without giving everything away. I like a little mystery. In truth, nothing is as sexy as quiet confidence.

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Dancer #9 – JM (Freakshow Zsun)

I never care what others think. Half the time I wear odd stuff to be left alone. I guess I like normal avatars. I’m not into the huge wide hips. But to each their own.

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Dancer #8 – Ahzriona (Timmy Ekato)

I spend alot of time getting the theme of my avatar perfect. I like sexy looking avatars. And I tend to flirt with people. Male or female.

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Dancer #7 – Evoco Demonia

I personally like to have short, curvy avatars, because I’m short and curvy, but I’ve had other shapes. I mostly don’t consider how other people see my avatar because it’s mostly just for my amusement. I like glasses and well guilt menfolk.

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Dancer #6 – Obs (Obsidiandream Zander)

I like virtual dancing because I suck at dancing IRL, yet it’s really fun to do! LOL!

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Dancer #5 – R. Marie Beedit

I dance because my avatar is an extension of me, and if there is music and dancing it feels more immersive to be dancing. And I love immersion.

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Dancer #4 – FairY

I login to Second Life to go dancing. [Virtual] dancing is amazing and I love it. I look amazing, I think! Hip, funky, crazy, unique!

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Dancer #3 – Paolo Ackmann

I dance because I’m a DJ and I love the music.

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Dancer #2 – Soka

Mostly I only log in to listen to music and dance. Even when I do something besides on the web, my avie is still dancing in a club!
— Soka

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Dancer #1 – Deli

I just love dancing! Music just makes me do it!
— Deli