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photo of Monerda Skute with the text "10 Questions with Scarlett Luv: Part 1: Bitches, Feminism & Pussypower (redux) over the image
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Interview with the Avatar, 10 Questions with Scarlett Luv

Intrepid fashionista Scarlett Luv asked me 10 questions. In this 1st of 3 parts I consider topics Agnes Sharple first wrote about 3 years ago, “Bitches, Feminism & Pussypower.”

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It was my first visit to the vibrant fun day at the Hyper Japan Festival in London. …

screen caps of new info blog sites front pages
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New Info Blogsites with P2 & O2

Hi guys! I’d like to introduce you to 2 new sites just launched yesterday and today: •…

Mera Kranfel's Avatar History Quiz banner featuring 6 images of Vanessa Blaylock with other avatars.
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Avatar History Quiz by Mera Kranfel

The virtual world is real because we invest time and soul in developing its narratives. In Mera Kranfel’s Avatar History Quiz you can challenge yourself to pick the Who, When & Where of these virtual life moments.

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Unicorns kept bouncing up in the Draw Something game when Zynga decided to bombard us with a…

VB47 Child Avatar Pride Parade text over a montage of 6 child avatars: Moonique Nightfire, Trilby Minotaur, Betty Tureaud, Calliope Lexington, Rabalder, Agnes Sharple
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VB47 – Child Avatar Pride Parade

I am a child, I’ll last a while. You can’t conceive of the pleasure in my smile. You hold my hand, rough up my hair, It’s lots of fun to have you there.

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Angry Birds was all I could think of drawing when I got the word ‘Birds’ in the…

BDSM in Second Life. Low key photograph of author Arthurine Somerset, naked against a wall as her master admires the marks his lash has made on her skin.
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BDSM in Second Life

“His hand caresses the fresh marks on my cheeks as he pauses to inspect his handiwork. I shiver as a mixture of pain and pleasure tingles through my body. A soft groan escapes my lips as he runs a finger down my spine”

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Jeff Bridges is… THE DUDE from ‘The Big Lebowski’. To my mind The Big Lebowski is one…

Another Internet is Possible: photo of Vanessa Blaylock wearing a Creative Commons t-shirt and operating a DJ console. Typography over the image reads "Another Internet is Possible." The image is caste in the warm tones of gelled, theatrical, tungsten lights. The typography is white lettering in the House Industries typeface Burbank: Condensed, Thin, and fairly tall.
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Another Internet is Possible

Promised utopia, we got moronic videos to sell crap. Another Internet is possible! Must The Internet serve commodity culture like all media before it?

Black & White Dolce & Gabbana ad featuring Madonna scrubbing a floor. Burned in the upper left is the text "VB50"
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Previz #74 — VB50: Farewell

In VB50: Farewell, avatars will clean 15,000 primitive objects and 6.5 hectares of virtual land. VB50 will be the last work in our performance art series.

Alt Ball poster image featuring Storm Sygall dancing in the water in front of the stage at Club Morpheus at Alice in Cornelland at LEA11 in Second Life. Over the photo of her dancing in the water is the text "Alt Ball, Club Morphues, 13 July 13"
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Dancing Avatars (Alt Avatar Ball Report)

Dancing avatars unite at Alt Avatar Bal Masqué! Secret identities revealed as dancing avatars try to guess each other’s alt identity. Club Morpheus, LEA11, Second Life.

Shoulder length portrait of Vanessa Blaylock against a purple background. Blaylock wears a mask, and has the name "Vaneeesa Oh" over her head. The text on the image reads "Alt Ball: win a date with an Oh, and support The EFF"
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Alt Ball: Win a Date with an Oh & Support The EFF

Avatars can win a date and support the Electronic Frontier Foundation at the Alt Ball at Club Morpheus. Avatars, Identity, Freedom & EFF, everybody wins!

Minecraft wish you were here graphic
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Minecraft 1.6.2 ~ There be Horses!

After the initial release of what has been dubbed ‘the Horse Update’, MC Devs resolved a host…

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I came across this psychedelic mushroom on a reggae T-shirt found randomly on-line and drew it very…

A glitchy pinup image, "Glitch Pinup Zelda and Zoe by Wayne Edson Bryan" Detail of this image with the text "VB48 Glitch Avatar Pride Parade" and Virtual Amsterdam on top of the image
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VB48 – Glitch Avatar Pride Parade

In VB48 Glitch Avatar Pride Parade virtual performance artists celebrate glitch culture by becoming glitch avatars. VB48 in the streets of Virtual Amsterdam.

Poster image for VB49: SPF50 featuring Calliope Lexington, Scarlett Luv, Harmony Sandalphon, Agnes Sharple, Lizzie Gudkov, and Vanessa Blaylock standing naked on a beach showing different degrees of sunburn skin damage
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VB49: SPF50

Performance document for VB49: SPF50. Performance artwork about skin & sunburn. In VB49 virtual performance artists present a tableau vivant of sunburnt bodies.

Black Bags Release Party! Liz Solo plays the new Black Bags record up in the DJ booth as Solo Mornington, Bibbe Oh / Bibbe Hansen, and Vanessa Blaylock dance on the dance floor below.
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Black Bags Release Party

Liz Solo The Black Bags Release Party @Club Morpheus! Liz Solo, Director of the Odyssey Art &…

Vanessa Blaylock's "Pleiades" skin as designed by Eloh Eliot in the unfolded 2D view, and with the text "Open Source Avtars" written across the bottom.
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Open Source Photoshop Files

Open Source Photoshop Files of stars and badges for websites. Celebrate your level climbing with graphics. Download all layers here. CC Attribution

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I came across High Society Girl on the front cover of a property magazine delivered to my…

Image of Vanessa Blaylock standing in the Big Heads Gallery / Avatar Selfie Gallery and "buying" one of the blank portrait mountings so that she can place her work at that spot in the gallery
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Big Heads Gallery

Big Heads Gallery Now Open! The Big Heads Gallery / Avatar Selfie Gallery @ LEA11 in Second…

details of 4 avatar portraits. Close crops of the faces of Darkley Aeon, Monerda Skute, Connie Arida, and Strawberry Singh
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Big Heads (Avatar Selfies)

Big Heads. Avatar Selfies. Fish crawl out of the ocean. They walk on land. Avatars crawled out…

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I think that ‘The Girl That Dripped Blood’ is probably the most sinister drawing I have created…

3 large gold stars fill the image, and over them is the text, "ABC '30' June 2013, Blog, Comment, Share
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Avatar Blogger Month Finish!

The Journey of 1,000 Posts… Today is 1 July. June is Avatar Blogger Month is complete! Can…