Month: February 2013

photo of a fair complected girl with pink and black hair and contrasty makup holding two giant pink easter peeps
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Haiku Sculpting – March Schedule

New Haiku Sculpting host Xue Faith reveals the schedule for March 2013 with 5 exciting Sunday events!

Photograph of Xue Faith standing on the dock at Gallery Xue / Port of Long Beach with the words "Haiku Sculpting" floating in space and curving around her
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Haiku Sculpting?

In 9 days Xue Faith takes over as host of VAA’s Haiku Speedbuild. Here she proposes changing the event’s name to “Haiku Sculpting.”

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Searching For Cyanide Seelowe

Xue circumnavigates the virtual interwaters in search of traces of Virtual Artists’ Alliance’s charismatic founder Cyanide Seelowe.

Selenium toned black & white photograph of Xue Faith & Peri Afarensis
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Peri, Dave & Cor

  I had some great meetings last week! On Monday I met with Peri Afarensis, on Wednesday…

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My Valentine

“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.” Kahlil Gibran I just wanted to…

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Of A Valentine’s Past…

Andrea66 Resident sent you a notecard. He hesitated, his heart hammering wildly while the notecard loaded. It…

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Jane McGonigal in my Tanning Bed!?

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve been hitting the tanning bed pretty heavily for the past 18…

Frame from The Matrix where Neo says "No," stops the bullets heading toward him, and holds one between his fingers and examines it.
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Own It (Consciousness)

Neo touching the bullet with his fingers, and processing the experience with his eyes, gives rise to a form of consciousness that may be the key to creating haptic experiences in virtual worlds.

Bing world map focused on South America and with a pushpin on Caracas, Venezuela
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Internet Time

How 5 seconds becomes an hour, or why I had to go to Caracas to edit my blog post!

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This is my 25th post on iRez and I wanted to do something really exciting and spectacular…

Theme image for "Alice in Cornelland" proposal to LEA Committee. See post for image sources.
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Alice in Cornelland

[dropcap]Once[/dropcap] upon a time there was a young girl who lived on Utopia Parkway in Flushing, New…

ScreenCap of Wordpress 3.5.1 backend Dashboard showing various choices circled and a 3-column layout with various statistics displayed
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iRez: Mod Your WP Dashboard

Hi guys! Did you know you can customize what WordPress shows you in the various “backend” screens?…

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Noob Avatar Pride Parade – Machinima

I think this was the most fun parade so far. I loved being a noob again, walking…

Virtual artist Miso Susanowa and behind her two semi-transparent virtual horse sculptures
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Dear Miso

  TO: Miso Susanowa, Artist FROM: Xue Faith, Host of Haiku Speedbuild, effective 1 March ’13 RE:…

Second Life Photographer Yordie Sands
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Women Adventurers

Last week I rented a store in the town center on Marblehead in Second Life New England….

Dancing at Russian Club Luxor on the New Russia sim of Second Life
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Russian Club Luxor

  OMG I danced at the coolest place last night: Russian Club Luxor. k, it might have…