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Black & White Dolce & Gabbana ad featuring Madonna scrubbing a floor. Burned in the upper left is the text "VB50"
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Previz #74 — VB50: Farewell

In VB50: Farewell, avatars will clean 15,000 primitive objects and 6.5 hectares of virtual land. VB50 will be the last work in our performance art series.

3 large gold stars fill the image, and over them is the text, "ABC '30' June 2013, Blog, Comment, Share
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Avatar Blogger Month Finish!

The Journey of 1,000 Posts… Today is 1 July. June is Avatar Blogger Month is complete! Can…

Poster of installed works at Alice in Cornelland at LEA11 with the text "an investigation at LEA11, March - July 2013"
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The Reality of Virtual

The mission of Alice in Cornelland @ LEA11 is to think about the Immersive and Real qualities…

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BREAKING NEWS — LEA11 — 25 May — Despite the shocking news that Vice President Hamlet has…

Vaneeesa Blaylock walking on a treadmill, surfing the web, and reading blogs on her virtual treadmill desk
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June is Avatar Blogger Month!

Avatar Bloggers Unite! By proclamation of, well, me, June is Avatar Blogger month! WHO: Any Avatar Blogger…

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Memory Box Workshop @LEA11

Saturday’s Memory Box Workshop @LEA11 had 5 intrepid participants who thought about ways to bring the images,…

Instagram photo of a small, delicate, pink box filled with various objects and with the text "Memory Box Workshop" superimposed on top of it.
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Memory Box Workshop

Make a Secret Place As part of the Alice in Cornelland Quest for a Virtual Haptic, we…

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Haiku Speedbuild #2

This week we’re at the just announced LEA11 (Linden Endowment for the Arts) project Alice in Cornelland….

Bing world map focused on South America and with a pushpin on Caracas, Venezuela
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Internet Time

How 5 seconds becomes an hour, or why I had to go to Caracas to edit my blog post!

Theme image for "Alice in Cornelland" proposal to LEA Committee. See post for image sources.
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Alice in Cornelland

[dropcap]Once[/dropcap] upon a time there was a young girl who lived on Utopia Parkway in Flushing, New…

Photograph of a Haiki Speedbuild entry showing a book and ink-pen on a desk with ink running off the desk, to the ground, and across the floor
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Haiku Speedbuild: Shadowing Special

  Haiku Speedbuild Last week I had the privilege of shadowing Special Jewell as she hosted the…

Xue Faith ice skating on a giant face in Noke Yuitza's LEA10 installation "Tears in Rain"
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LEA10 Tears in Rain

  Yessy, it’s meee ice skating on the giant face crying Tears in Rain at Noke Yuitza’s…

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LEA or Bust

Yesterday, I received an email from Rowan Derryth that the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) was…

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VBFM #7 – LEA PacMan

LINDEN ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS, 5 March — during my 365day trek thru the LEA archipelago I’ve…

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VB32 – Shit Happens

VB32 – Shit Happens Misprint Thursday, Mausoleum, LEA14 11 February 2012 CONCEPT: George Carlin famously observed, Have…

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For about a week now I’ve been walking across two archipelagos… a mental archipelago of art… and…