Month: March 2011

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Garry Winogrand Challenge

ART & ARTIST NETWORK – GROUP NOTICE SUBJETCT: Garry Winogrand Challenge FROM: FaithXue Resident DATE: 3/27/2011 Hello!…

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Swimsuit Edition

Today is launch day for A V A T A R S . I L L U…

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Graduation Day

“Training on 2/22 was so short, half-hour at most… little did I know… “Panels” would go on…

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Good Grief

Mila Kunis was not impressed when her presenting partner Justin Timberlake declared at the 2011 Academy Awards,…

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Nautical but Nice

I am still working on the “10 Experiences” to have in this world list: However, I…

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Black Swan

I have an adult body… and the mind of a child… No one whose physical appearance is…

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Ronin Avatar

I was never really supposed to be. Actually I was just explaining “me” to someone tonight… and…

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Pretty / Stupid

Vaneeesa would be more diplomatic. She would construct a more medi-a-propriate statement. Vaneeesa would lie about the…