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If you are thinking about setting up a blog about gaming or have one that you think could use a boost, this announcement is for you. Starting October 1st, the second Newbie Blogger Initiative (NBI) will start off, giving newbie gaming bloggers all over the blogosphere a great headstart. You can participate too!

The first NBI event was invented in May 2012 by Syp from Biobreak. This year it’s organized by the authors of T.R. Red Sky and Contains Moderate Peril and will have some new events, such as challenges and whatnot. The idea is that new(ish) bloggers get advice from more experienced bloggers and get a warm welcome by the community – not to mention a lot of pageviews.

This year’s hotspots:
NBI Headquarters: this brand new website is a portal to the NBI community with news and some good advice articles to get you started with your blog.
NBI forum: register here and write a post in the Newbie Blogger Check-in so people will know where to find your blog. This is the place where you can freely ask any blogging related questions and will get answers from experienced bloggers.

Hopefully see you there during the NBI 2 event!

The NBI could use more 2nd Lifers, so thought I should give it a shout here. A ‘gaming blog’ doesn’t have to be a hardcore thing about how best to shoot aliens (those are actually pretty rare), but can just as well be a blog about your mum, cat, and occasional playing of the Sims. Or your adventures in SL. Just saying.

This is a modified repost from NBI: Start your own gaming blog (Ravalation).

Ravanel explores the virtual worlds of Lord of the Rings Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Skyrim, and Mass Effect.

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