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Cut Up Reality

I don’t know why I’m suddenly so sensitive to the notion of time and reality, but it…

 5 Comments on Boredom in the Fourth Dimension
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Boredom in the Fourth Dimension

If I’ve learned anything so far from this research, it is that virtual reality and “real” reality…

 3 Comments on The Power of Touch
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The Power of Touch

  As some of you may have noticed from my posts, I’ve had an innate fascination for…

 1 Comment on Half Lives
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Half Lives

For obvious reasons, a recurring theme in art history since the beginning of times, and in every…

 5 Comments on Descartes’ Imagination
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Descartes’ Imagination

All this talk about Cartesian Dualism and Daniel Dennett’s entertaining interpretations of what it could mean in the…

 6 Comments on Cartesian Sins and Virtues
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Cartesian Sins and Virtues

It may seem ironic, at first glance to be “dissing” Cartesian philosophy on a blog titled “I…