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I grew up in Friday Harbor, WA, and went to school at UBC Vancouver where I received a BSN in 2003. Now I'm a nurse at Children & Women's Health Center of BC. I wish I could tell you I went clubbing every night after work, but those days are pretty much behind me. My boyfriend is a bit of a gamer, but I'm not fond of battles & killing stuff, so I rarely join him. Sometimes I play Second Life instead: it's fun to unleash my inner cheerleader! :)
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It’s Too Hot!!!

OMG! It’s a million degrees out! Fortunately I’ve got Kitten’s fun & chill “SLCS Butt Bikini” to keep me cool on these miserable post-apocalyptic days!

The Clothed Avatar: Virtual Bodies in Latex Catsuits. Photo of Lizzy Bowman in a "moonbase alpha" black and white latex catsuit
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The Clothed Avatar: Virtual Bodies in Latex Catsuits

With every iPhone & Google glass we are inexorably drawn into the fantasy, fetish world of cyborg technology. We lust for this technology. — But we are afraid of it. — As we go deeper into high tech our desire simultaneously drives us deeper into the high touch experiences of the corporeal body. The tactile fetish of an avatar body in a latex catsuit.

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iRez & VBCO now Companies on LinkedIn

You can now list the companies iRez Salon and Vanessa Blaylock Company on your LinkedIn “Experience”

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Gimme Six – Aero in Second Life

OMG you guys are probably gonna have such amazing stuff from all over the place! I really…

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52 Weeks of Pink

VANCOUVER, 20 May — Oh, wait, no, no, 52 weeks of color, one week of pink! Just…

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VB25 – Resurrection

VB25 – Resurrection by Aero Bigboots Six months ago Vaneeesa almost committed suicide… and at the last…

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Graduation Day

“Training on 2/22 was so short, half-hour at most… little did I know… “Panels” would go on…

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Week 3 – The Stage!

Just when I was starting to think I could not screw-up long enough to actually become an…

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By The Numbers

This is Sayrah Parx; Sayrah’s been an SLCS Cheerleader for… longer than I’ve been alive!! 😛 Sayrah’s…

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Cheer 401

In addition to the month of Tuesday classes, SLCS trainees have to take a special class called…

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OMG Art People, please don’t hate me or think I’m crazy, but I decided to try out…

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Postcard #8 – Rezday Postcard

And to finish off Ze Moo’s RezWEEK Celebration! *giggles* I got a postcard for Mr. Moo from…

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Rezday Party @Two Fish!

Rezday Party @Two Fish! I just started my SL Dance Club bloggin career a couple days ago,…

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SL has so many groups for little kids. And OMG, the grown-ups around here are SO self-obsessed,…

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The Tunaverse!

I’ve been to a few cool dance clubs in the virtual world, and I really wanna go…

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Person of the Year

The votes have been tallied, and the readers of iRez have declared, Ze Moo is our 2010…

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VB Previz #42 – New Clothes

OMG Van wrote me TWELVE pages about this Supremes song “The Happening!” I think the idea is…

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VB Previz #41 – Multiverse

VB24 – Multiverse Saturday, 12 February 2011, 8-10pm GMT a simultaneous performance on the Reaction, InWorldz, and…

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Postcard #7 РS̩ance with Vaneeesa

Hi Guys! I got an Xmas Postcard from smartypants Vaneeesa! I hope y’all have fancy phones with…

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Tiny Party

Hi Guys! Okies *giggles* /me looks at ground Here goes So far in my virtual life, I’ve…

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A Great Disturbance in the Force

a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and…

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Lime with Envy

Hi Guys, I hope y’all know when I agreed to be “executor of Vaneeesa’s estate” in SL,…

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Hi Guys! You’ll never guess who sent me another shoe postcard! I think maybe she’s possessed! But…

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The Shoes

Hi Guys! I got a new postcard from Vaneeesa! I think maybe she misses the shoes more…

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Hi guys! Check out these cool videos that Vaneeesa sent us links for! The Japanese duo U+UCO…

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Homecoming Queen

Hi Everybody, Vaneeesa must be getting kind of bored in her virtual afterlife, the frequency of her…

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Maurizio Cattelan

Hey Everybody!! I got another postcard from Vaneeesa! She did an interview with the Italian bad-boy artist…

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Yoga ‘n Values

Hey Guys!! I got a postcard from Vaneeesa! As you probably heard, Vaneeesa ascended from her troubles…

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Shhhh, Secret!

Please don’t hate me you guys! I’m trying to do the right thing, but it’s hard! And…

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Kate Miranda

Vaneeesa left me a long list of people she wanted me to blog about. She said she…