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Jane McGonigal in my Tanning Bed!?

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve been hitting the tanning bed pretty heavily for the past 18…

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Eloh Eliot Surfaces Briefly

THE METAVERSE, 17 June — Legendary Open Source Avatar Skin designer Eloh Eliot surfaced briefly today. So…

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The Shoes

Hi Guys! I got a new postcard from Vaneeesa! I think maybe she misses the shoes more…

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Maui The Demigod

Linus Torvalds once said that Richard Stallman was the great “philosopher,” and that he was an “engineer”……

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VB21 – Gogbotahedron!

VB/CO performance of “VB21 – Gogbotahedron” at GOGBOT 2010 at Enschede, The Netherlands FL & Neocortexx SL. Fractal-skinned avatars joined hands in a human lattice to create a giant dodecahedron, or “Gogbotahedron.”

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Nureyev & Fonteyn

On 21 February 1962 Nureyev and Fonteyn performed together for the first time. The would perform together for the next 26 years. They have defined ballet partnering for all time.

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Open Source Vaneeesa

Saying that my avatar is Creative Commons Attribution doesn’t really mean much if I don’t make the source files available, so here you go…

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Secondary Creators

I’ve already said a lot about Free Culture. I just want to make 2 finer points: the…

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Eloh Eliot is a Freak

Eloh Eliot is a freak – and I’m pretty upset about it! I’ve written about this mutant…

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VBFM #3 – Starlight Flashmob!

Another, Lippert: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lippert/67/194/166 ABOVE: Eloh Eliot’s Another shop in Lippert as it was during distribution of her…

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VB04 – Performance Document

== VB04 LINKS == IMAGES: • Performance Document • • Cast • • Production Pix • •…

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Eloh Eliot

In the middle of a barren snow drift in Lippert stands, unexpectedly, a small patch of sunflowers….

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VB02 – Peggy Sue

Is an avatar a “real” girl? Or some mixed-metaphor of Barbie x Pinocchio? In VB02 Peggy Sue, 9 identical avatars, complete with “Talking Barbie” pull-strings come to life, if only for a moment.