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VB12 Announcement

Saturday 7 November 09 Noon-2pm SLT (PST) V A N E E E S A . B…

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VB Previz #28 – Running Fence

I know it’s been done IRL, but how amazing it would be to do this out of avatars holding hands! I guess if we wanted to cross a 256-meter SIM, it’d take, like, uh, 256 avatars!?

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VB10 Cast

VB10 – DRESSED / NAKED Hair & Eyes by Carina Larsen, Amacci. Wardrobe by Anyusha Lilienthal,…

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VB08 Cast

VB08 – TWO WEAR MY SKIN Hair, Eyes & Poses by Carina Larsen, Amacci Each pair…

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VBFM #4 – Zombie Crawl

VBFM #4 – Burning Life ’09 Zombie Crawl Virtual Black Rock City 21 October 2009 • Images…

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VB Moment A – Moondance

dancing in the cool, moist of the crisp
no longer alone

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VB09 Cast

VB09 Event at Chinese College, Monash University, Melbourne Australia, a performance for Time, Transcendence, Performance.