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The most meaningful challenges are the ones we choose ourselves. The iRez Challenge Hub features many ways to challenge yourself in the many places of the virtual century.

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My drawing for the word CLOUDS for MonkeySideBars was based on the artwork of A.M. Hopfmuller. An…

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What is your favourite quote and why? Who cares, its forking Friday… Actually I do care; I…

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Look into her angel eyes One look and you’re hypnotized. Grabbed a decent word to draw in…

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A is for Animation

The Inventory Game begins! Post a photo of you with something “A” from your inventory, and then add a link to your post here in the comment section.

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Meet Bob 1 and Bob 2 that I drew for the game Monkey Side Bars in Sketch…

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The word LOLLYGAG was chosen by a member of the art game Monkey Side Bars and we…

Vanessa Blaylock standing in a city street at LEA23 Tinker & The Steampunkables
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LEA23 – Tinker & the Steampunkables

Is it “photobombing” when there’s nobody else in the picture?

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Wishing you a Kraken Good Holiday!

A copy of my in-world (Second Life) Holiday Card. Enjoy!

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Monkey Side Bars

Monkey Side Bars is a drawing game invented by my friend and I.  Monkey Side Bars is…

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They don’t make em’ like they used to and Safety Last was one of em’ I began…

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It was my first visit to the vibrant fun day at the Hyper Japan Festival in London. …

Mera Kranfel's Avatar History Quiz banner featuring 6 images of Vanessa Blaylock with other avatars.
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Avatar History Quiz by Mera Kranfel

The virtual world is real because we invest time and soul in developing its narratives. In Mera Kranfel’s Avatar History Quiz you can challenge yourself to pick the Who, When & Where of these virtual life moments.

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Unicorns kept bouncing up in the Draw Something game when Zynga decided to bombard us with a…

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Angry Birds was all I could think of drawing when I got the word ‘Birds’ in the…

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Jeff Bridges is… THE DUDE from ‘The Big Lebowski’. To my mind The Big Lebowski is one…

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I came across this psychedelic mushroom on a reggae T-shirt found randomly on-line and drew it very…

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I came across High Society Girl on the front cover of a property magazine delivered to my…

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I think that ‘The Girl That Dripped Blood’ is probably the most sinister drawing I have created…

3 large gold stars fill the image, and over them is the text, "ABC '30' June 2013, Blog, Comment, Share
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Avatar Blogger Month Finish!

The Journey of 1,000 Posts… Today is 1 July. June is Avatar Blogger Month is complete! Can…

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Other Mother

Other Mother is a classic baddie created by British author Neil Gaiman in the amazing fantasy-horror novel…

Poster graphic for the flash fiction "A Night to Remember" text reads "A Night to Remember by Tabitha Raincloud and Lizzie Gudkov" on a white background with a red skirt hem, pink legs, and red high heels
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Blind Jump Into… A Night to Remember

The red dress and matching red shoes sat on the bed, neatly placed, side by side. She…

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VOODOO HELLO KITTY There are thousands of versions of the famous Japanese bob-tailed cat Hello Kitty, not…

Head to thigh portraits of Second Life avatar Strawberry Singh's body shape over the past 6 years of her virtual life
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Avatar Shape Gallery

Body Image in the Real (virtual) World Where can you find an avatar shape gallery of real…

long horizontal portrait of Vanessa Blaylock with the characteristic warm browns of a selenium toned black and white print. Blaylock reclines in a chair with her arms over legs pulled into her chest. She wears a frilly bikini top.
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Sunburns on Instagram

I went to the beach yesterday and posted a pix on Instagram adding the hashtag “sunburn.” After…

Vanessa Blaylock and 2 gorillas sit on a small island across the water from Club Morpheus. The scene is at night and 4 high-powered lasers shoot 20-plus meters into the sky to form a giant red "M"
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Avatar Blogger Month – Day 21 Gold Star!

  It’s true! 3 weeks down, 1 to go! And here’s your I Survived 21 Days! Gold…

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TOILOGRAPHY I began following Toilography quite some time ago on Instagram which is a thread dedicated to…

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Plat Du Jour It’s time to raise the curtain… That wannabe piglet Miss Piggy made it to…

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CHEWBACCA – CUTEBACCA In a galaxy far far away… Episode IV: A New Hope – Chewbacca makes…

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SIMONE Do you remember the telephone? Drawing the word ‘telephone’ I googled and came across this lovely…

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CHIEF WIGGUM STOP! Police… Chief of Springfield’s Chief Wiggum I had to find a use for the…