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Open Source repositories like GitHub, SourceForge, and Full Perm Virtual Objects

Vanessa Blaylock's "Pleiades" skin as designed by Eloh Eliot in the unfolded 2D view, and with the text "Open Source Avtars" written across the bottom.
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Open Source Photoshop Files

Open Source Photoshop Files of stars and badges for websites. Celebrate your level climbing with graphics. Download all layers here. CC Attribution

Illustration of Stephen Colbert in Red, White & Blue armor and wielding a flaming sword
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I came across an exciting site today, Below is the intro and license text from the…

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Diderot, Britannica, Wikipedia & Knowledge

CHICAGO, 13 March — surprising no one, 244 year-old Encyclopaedia Britannica announced today the end of their…

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Treadmill Desk

Ernesto Ramirez, Your Chair is Killing You, Ignite, San Diego   Sitting is the New Smoking Spending…

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Villa on Marketplace

The VB/CO Villa from VB28 – The Seniors Project is now available free (L$0) on Marketplace.SL…

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Open Source Vaneeesa

Saying that my avatar is Creative Commons Attribution doesn’t really mean much if I don’t make the source files available, so here you go…