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Magazine projects, eg: VB/CO performance works, Xue Faith / Avatars Illustrated, etc

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Diary #31 – V Magazine

NEW YORK, 2012 — Gallery Xue / NYC is a real, working art gallery, but it also…

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Preview: Black Swan

The new issue of Avatars Illustrated, “Black Swan” is almost here… so we made a little video…

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Swimsuit Edition

Today is launch day for A V A T A R S . I L L U…

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Nautical but Nice

I am still working on the “10 Experiences” to have in this world list: However, I…

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Black Swan

I have an adult body… and the mind of a child… No one whose physical appearance is…

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VB18 Avatar Chess

The Performance Document for VB18 is now published as our exciting, dynamic, full color even, VB/CO Magazine – Issue No.4!

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VB17 Dark Side of the Moon

In VB17 the cast created a Human Dodecahedron 3-1/2 kilometers above the Booville sim… and then… WE DROPPED IT!

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Sweet 16

On 16-17 April 2010 VB/CO celebrated our 1st anniversary with a 26-hour performance artwork at Odyssey Performance Simulator.

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VB/CO Magazine

VB19 – I AVATAR was a different artwork for us. It was a performance of sorts… or…