Month: February 2011

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Postcard #10 – Waterworld

Postcard #10 – Waterworld 2, OS Grid Hello Pixel, I feel terrible! You and Faith are both…

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Postcard #9 – Faith in the Middle

Vaneeesa left. Auctioned off her pixels to the highest bidder. Pixel Reanimator wound up with me, Xue…

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VB24 Performance Document

In 2011 VBCO/Multiverse has chosen to fly beyond the nest of Second Life The February stop…

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Heather Zapatero

Stop Buying Art! Buy Artists Instead! Do You Wanna Date My Avatar Auction Report #1 Last Saturday…

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Week 3 – The Stage!

Just when I was starting to think I could not screw-up long enough to actually become an…

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Rez Power

I live on the balcony of a lighthouse I built, originally, in Second Life. In a world…

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By The Numbers

This is Sayrah Parx; Sayrah’s been an SLCS Cheerleader for… longer than I’ve been alive!! 😛 Sayrah’s…

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Cheer 401

In addition to the month of Tuesday classes, SLCS trainees have to take a special class called…

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I Have Many Worlds

A few aspects of Virtual Worlds (building/creative types, rather than game types) different from a certain famous…

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OMG Art People, please don’t hate me or think I’m crazy, but I decided to try out…