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photographic diptych of participant in VB44 Tiny Avatar Pride Parade, featuring participant's profile on the right, and their parade appearance on the left.
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VB44 – Cast

Cast photos & profiles for VB44 – Noob Avatar Pride Parade.

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VB43 – Cast

Animal Avatar Pride Parade 48 avatars participated in Saturday’s Animal Parade in Sydney Harbour. Starting in front…

Wide shot of VB42 Avatar Pride Parade participants at the parade start on the Long Island University region of the 3D virtual world of Second Life
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VB42 – Cast

  Avatar Pride Parade 34 avatars participated in yesterday’s 8-region, 5-university pride walk starting on the Eastern…

Gina Broono wearing Graves "Poison" uniform in VB41 Rock the Casbah, at Gallery Xue / Port of Long Beach
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VB41 – Cast

PORT OF LONG BEACH, 4 August — Today combatants from Red, Green, and Purple teams base jumped…

B&W Photo of Pianist Pixelated Gina performing on a white, grand piano, at Gallery Xue / NYC
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VB40 – Cast

NEW NEW YORK, 28 July — Today at Gallery Xue / NYC 9 cellists and 2 pianists…

VB36 - Pink & Blue @ Pico Pico Life / LEA19
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VB39 – Cast

PICO PICO LIFE, LEA19, 21 July — Today 21 intrepid avatars celebrated the 21st of July by…

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VB34 – Participant List

KANDAHAR, 10 March — Long time VB/CO participants like Pennyroyal Calamity in her 25th appearance, haute couture…

Lia Johin
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Lia Johin

KANDAHAR, 10 March — Legendary haute couture model Lia Johin appeared in VB34 – Net/Work today wearing,…

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VB33 – Participants

PALESTINE, 2 March — for the last hour of Xue Faith’s teenage life, from 11:01pm GMT to…

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VB28 Cast

VB28 – The Seniors Project @VB/CO Villa, Biscuit Bay, An Li SATURDAY 18 June 2011 ============== SLT:…

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VB 12 Cast

VB12 LANDSCAPES WITH A CORPSE The VB Cast envisions their mortal farewells @ Petruchio a sim by…

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VB10 Cast

VB10 – DRESSED / NAKED Hair & Eyes by Carina Larsen, Amacci. Wardrobe by Anyusha Lilienthal,…

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VB08 Cast

VB08 – TWO WEAR MY SKIN Hair, Eyes & Poses by Carina Larsen, Amacci Each pair…

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VB09 Cast

VB09 Event at Chinese College, Monash University, Melbourne Australia, a performance for Time, Transcendence, Performance.

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VB06 – Cast & Crew

VB06 – Golden / Red == VB06 LINKS == • VB06 PERFORMANCE DOCUMENT • VB06 Cast •…

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VB04 – Cast & Crew

== VB04 LINKS == IMAGES: • Performance Document • • Cast • • Production Pix • •…

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VB03 Cast

VB03 LINKS • VB03 PERFORMANCE DOCUMENT • The Cast of VB03 • VB03 Rehearsal Images • VB03…