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Kodak Theatre

LOS ANGELES, February 26 — As long as I was in Los Angeles thru Saturday for CAA…

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Nancy Popp

LOS ANGELES, February 25 — CAA: final event, final day: Performing Space. CHAIR: • Nancy Popp, Independent…

Un-Space Ground flier
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Un-Space Ground

LOS ANGELES, February 25 — Un-Space Ground: The Unvisited, Unnamed, and Uninhabited Empty Areas beneath the Normally-Used…

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Where is Public Space?

If you have to push a door to get inside, it’s not public. LOS ANGELES, February 25…

Rachel Beth Engenhoefer, "Currently in the Studio"
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Code as Craft

LOS ANGELES, February 24 — CAA Panel: Code as Craft: Programming in the Art & Design Curriculum…

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The “Privileging” of Visual Art

LOS ANGELES, February 24 — CAA Panel: Is it Time to Question the “Privileging” of Visual Art?…

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Public Art in the Virtual Sphere

LOS ANGELES, February 23 — CAA Panel: Public Art Dialog: Public Art in the Virtual Sphere During…

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Sheryl Oring

LOS ANGELES, February 23 — Sheryl Oring is a typist. I really like typists. Honestly, in my…

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College Art Association

LOS ANGELES, February 22 — At the end of the 1984 adaptation of The Razor’s Edge, on…