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close up of human eye with "a Steven Spielberg film" superimposed on it
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The Minority Report on SaveMe Oh

LONDON, 30 March — Like Peter Sellers’ “Chauncey Gardiner” in Hal Ashby’s 1979 film Being There, artist…

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Previz #62 – Dance Anywhere

TRAFALGAR SQUARE, 30 March — Vaneeesa Blaylock / Company and Gallery Xue / London City will join…

Sojourner Starship & Vaneeesa Blaylock watching performance video in Sourjourner's screening room
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Celluloid Heroes

KANDAHAR, 24 March — Friends dancing at a mountain site featuring Betty Tureaud’s immersive light and space…

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Diderot, Britannica, Wikipedia & Knowledge

CHICAGO, 13 March — surprising no one, 244 year-old Encyclopaedia Britannica announced today the end of their…

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VB34 – Participant List

KANDAHAR, 10 March — Long time VB/CO participants like Pennyroyal Calamity in her 25th appearance, haute couture…

Lia Johin
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Lia Johin

KANDAHAR, 10 March — Legendary haute couture model Lia Johin appeared in VB34 – Net/Work today wearing,…

Xue Faith and friends on the ledge outside the Egypt Club
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VB33 – Sugar Mountain

PALESTINE, 2 March — On a slender, meter-wide ledge outside the Egypt Club, Xue Faith and 15…

image from the film "Somewhere in Time." Modern day Christopher Reeve stares at a photo of Jane Seymour
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Being Outed

CHICAGO, March 1912 — As the nymwars have helped elucidate, there are many reasons to use a…

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Previz #61 – Like a Prayer

TUMBLR, INC. 14 March — I hurt a friend this week. It wasn’t my intention, but it…

image from a kickstarter "anniversary edition" ad
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The Kickstarter Conundrum

YOUR WALLET, 13 March — Last month Kickstarter’s co-founder Yancey Strickler famously, or now infamously, told Carl…

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Previz #60 – Public Documents

KANDAHAR, 11 March — with the success of yesterday’s bombastic collaboration with Betty Tureaud, VB34 – Net…

sheep at a trough
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Feeding at the Tumblr Trough

CYBERSPACE, 11 March — in a world of 7 billion souls, is it reasonable, is it possible…

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A Transmog-Party where Everyone’s Well-dressed – Except Us!

WORLD OF WARCRAFT, 9 March — Great multiverse traveler Ironyca Lee has jumped across, this time not…

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VBFM #7 – LEA PacMan

LINDEN ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS, 5 March — during my 365day trek thru the LEA archipelago I’ve…

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VB33 – Participants

PALESTINE, 2 March — for the last hour of Xue Faith’s teenage life, from 11:01pm GMT to…

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VB32 – Shit Happens

VB32 – Shit Happens Misprint Thursday, Mausoleum, LEA14 11 February 2012 CONCEPT: George Carlin famously observed, Have…

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Kodak Theatre

LOS ANGELES, February 26 — As long as I was in Los Angeles thru Saturday for CAA…

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Nancy Popp

LOS ANGELES, February 25 — CAA: final event, final day: Performing Space. CHAIR: • Nancy Popp, Independent…

Un-Space Ground flier
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Un-Space Ground

LOS ANGELES, February 25 — Un-Space Ground: The Unvisited, Unnamed, and Uninhabited Empty Areas beneath the Normally-Used…