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Image of Augmented Reality and Wearable Computing pioneer Steve Mann wearing his "eye tapp" computer vision system
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Steve Mann Goes to McDonalds

TORONTO, 18 July — O Canada’s Russ Martin reports that University of Toronto professor Steve Mann, inventor…

Nathan Shafer holding iPhone running AR app that shows the former extent of the now receded glacier behind it
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Kickstarter: Nathan Shafer

AR in AK Guest Post by Nathan Shafer There are just a few hours left to pledge…

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Topless at Whole Foods

Project Glass is a glimpse of not-so-distant future. And so is this video clip shot with Blue…

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Tupac Shakur 1971 – 1996 – 2012

INDIO, CA, 15 April — Tonight the late Tupac Shakur appeared at the annual Coachella Valley Music…

Google software engineer "Stephen" wearing mock-up concept of "Google Glass" glasses
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Google: Project Glass

MOUNTAIN VIEW, 4 April — The long time dream of Augmented Reality “heads-up displays” (HUDs) took a…

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Girls Around Me

4 April — The meteoric rise of iPhone App Girls Around Me to, well, deletion… has been…

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Public Art in the Virtual Sphere

LOS ANGELES, February 23 — CAA Panel: Public Art Dialog: Public Art in the Virtual Sphere During…