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Jane McGonigal in my Tanning Bed!?

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve been hitting the tanning bed pretty heavily for the past 18…

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VB34 – Posters

KANDAHAR, 10 March — Today’s performance of Betty Tureaud and Vaneeesa Blaylock’s collaborative work, Net / Work,…

Lia Johin
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Lia Johin

KANDAHAR, 10 March — Legendary haute couture model Lia Johin appeared in VB34 – Net/Work today wearing,…

poster of avatars in betty tureaud landscape
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VB Previz #58 – Net / Work

VB31 – Demo Days was the brain child of Queen of Demo, Agnes Sharple. Then our gallerist…

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Day 6

OMG! What you can do with 3 hours of bodypainting! They turned me into a white girl!…

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VB Previz #47 – Un/Wedding2.0

The Reverend Dodgson invented the Unbirthday… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unbirthday And Bob Altman gave us A Wedding: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Wedding and now…

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Swimsuit Edition

Today is launch day for A V A T A R S . I L L U…

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VB17 Dark Side of the Moon

In VB17 the cast created a Human Dodecahedron 3-1/2 kilometers above the Booville sim… and then… WE DROPPED IT!

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VB Previz #32 – Dark Side of the Moon

VB17 • Dark Side of the Moon —– 8 May 2010 — Noon – 2pm SLT —–…

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VB16 Photo Contest

Our illustrious panel of judges: Carina Larsen • Connie Arrida • Fross Maruti • Kai Heideman •…

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Saturday 8 May 2010 • Noon – 2pm SLT Vista Hermosa Art Center http://slurl.com/secondlife/Little%20Andalucia/243/151/72 Skin & Shoes:…

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Bryn Oh’s Brain

What’s so amazing about a place… a space… a moment… a gift… like this crazy dwell between Bryn’s mosquito Ferris wheel and her sensorium cloud… is how capacious it is… how generous it is… and how it invites not just your brain… but also your body… to exist in resonance with it… in this time and in this space…

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VB10 Cast

VB10 – DRESSED / NAKED Hair & Eyes by Carina Larsen, Amacci. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Amacci/184/113/22 Wardrobe by Anyusha Lilienthal,…

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VB08 Cast

VB08 – TWO WEAR MY SKIN Hair, Eyes & Poses by Carina Larsen, Amacci http://slurl.com/secondlife/Amacci/184/113/22 Each pair…