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Meeting Donna Haraway

Earlier this month, Trilby’s typist had the opportunity to hear Donna Haraway speak in real life. Haraway…

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Yordie Sands

iRez’ head cheerleader Yordie Sands has been “running silent, running deep” for a couple of weeks now…

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Enter Heidegger

Given that I am using a Hermeneutic Phenomenological approach, it must come as no surprise that Heidegger’s…

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Virtual Reality of Theater

I can’t deny that I am a huge fan of Antonin Artaud’s oeuvre, or that his conceptualization…

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Virginia Heffernan

CAMBRIDGE, MA, 27 March — Harvard English Literature PhD, former New York Times columnist, and current Yahoo!…

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Word Viruses and Other Pre-Recordings

Not surprisingly, my favorite writer of all times is William Burroughs. I went so far as to…

Image of Caitlin Upton answering her infamous question at the 2007 Miss Teen USA Pageant in Pasadena, California.
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Caitlin Upton

PASADENA, 24 August 2007 — At the Miss Teen USA Pageant held here tonight, finalist Lauren Caitlin…

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Nastia Liukin

SAN JOSE, 1 July — Reigning Olympic Gymnastic All-Around Gold Medalist Anastasia Valeryevna “Nastia” Liukin will not…

 22 Comments on Previz #67 – Charlotte, Forever
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Previz #67 – Charlotte, Forever

As much as I love Marina Abramovic, Charlotte Moorman holds a special place in my heart. She…

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Oh Marina!

Is it just me or is anyone else really excited about seeing “The Artist is Present” on…

Montage of Senator Bayh with Purdue athletes and Alan Turing portrait illustration.
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Alan Turing & Title IX

BLETCHLEY PARK / WASHINGTON DC, 23 June — Today is British mathematician Alan Turing’s 100th birthday! Today…

Detail of the 1863 painting Olympia by Victorine Meurent and Edouard Manet
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PARIS, 1863 — Lady Gaga, Madonna, yes, Britney Spears and Taylor Swift too, they all owe Vicky…

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Esra’a Al Shafei

BAHRAIN / LONDON / BISCUIT BAY, 9 April — From my dorm room at King’s College in…

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Eric Whitacre / Virtual Choir

LINCOLN CENTER, 2 April — At the nexus of TED’s elitism, Thomas Kinkade’s populism, Sigfreid & Roy’s…

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Timmie Jean Lindsey

HOUSTON, 16 March 1962* — today Timmie Jean Lindsey underwent the world’s first silicone-gel breast implant surgery….

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Thomas Kinkade, dead at 54

LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA, 6 April — Thomas Kinkade, “The Painter of Light” died today of unknown, and…

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James B. Lansing

Do they rock? That’s like asking if Ferrari’s are fast. — Ogsard Yesterday I wrote about my…

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Garry Winogrand Challenge

ART & ARTIST NETWORK – GROUP NOTICE SUBJETCT: Garry Winogrand Challenge FROM: FaithXue Resident DATE: 3/27/2011 Hello!…

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Tizzers Foxchase

[2011/01/06 07:12] Tizzers Foxchase: <3 [2011/01/06 07:13] Vaneeesa Blaylock: hey Tizzers [2011/01/06 07:13] Tizzers Foxchase: hai! [2011/01/06…

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I only had lunch with him the one time. Marky Mark went down to Caltech to hang…

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Hi guys! Check out these cool videos that Vaneeesa sent us links for! The Japanese duo U+UCO…

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Kate Miranda

Vaneeesa left me a long list of people she wanted me to blog about. She said she…

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Sascha Pohflepp

Pohfelpp’s video is about a world that never was, yet is couched with iconography and design aesthetics we remember so well from childhood that we strangely, unexpectedly, effortlessly find ourselves slipping into this alternate river of time.

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Felicia Day

The truth is that Felicia Day does not piss me off, she amazes me. She saw a lack of opportunity so she created opportunity. She felt disdain for gamers, so she created a web series that celebrates gamers. She understands the media of our age.

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NicoleX Moonwall

NicoleX Moonwall is what Second Life is all about.

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Nienke Klunder

LONDON, 4 July — Like Nikki S. Lee and Cindy Sherman, Nienke Klunder uses transformations of her…

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Happy Holidays!

I recently started the Moment series. They’re just “moments” large or small that stumble across my virtual…

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Rineke Dijkstra

After posting David Goldblatt’s famous swimsuit photo, I sort of felt like I had to do a…

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John Cage

There is vastly more to the John Cage oeuvre than my knowledge of it, and even my…