screen caps of new info blog sites front pages

New Info Blogsites with P2 & O2

screen caps of new info blog sites front pages

Hi guys! I’d like to introduce you to 2 new sites just launched yesterday and today:

They’re kind of the same… and a little bit different.

P2 / O2

Both sites use a flavor of Automattic’s P2 theme which you see in the video above. On iRez it’s P2 itself. On AvatarBlogger it’s a U of British Columbia mod of P2 called Pulse Press. And, in about a month when Automattic releases the exciting new O2, both sites will move to O2.
Automattic / O2

We like P2 / O2 because it’s kind of like a forum, kind of like a chat, kind of like a hashtag… but inside it’s actually a fully featured WordPress blog. That means it can be lite and conversational now, but also fully archived and searchable in the future.

Help Me Help You

AvatarBlogger.Info and are both intended to be info & help sites. Ask a question. Give an answer. Start a discussion. Get tech help. Get ideas. Give opinions. The only difference is that Authors.iRez is a smaller site focused on communication between iRez authors, and AvatarBlogger is a wide open site for any Avatar Blogger from any MMORPG out there. You can sign yourself up for AvatarBlogger and post within a minute or two. For Avatar.iRez we’ve already added some of our more frequent contributors. If we didn’t add you yet, just give a shout out in the comments to this post and we’ll add you right away. Registered or not, both sites are open and can be read by anyone anywhere.

We think both sites are pretty cool today. We’re even more excited about seeing them on O2 in about a month.

How do you think YOU can use P2 / O2?

How P2 changed Automattic

Author: Xue Faith
Student in the Culture, Media and Creative Industries programme at King's College, London. Curator at Gallery Xue. Webmaster for avatar bloggers.

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