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chart or datagraphic or visualization or data porn of dream levels in the film Inception
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Immersive Interactive Creativity Community Yay!

Saturday is going to be an IICCY day! And even though it’s pronounced icky, I think it’s…

Photograph of Beth Griffenhagen autographing her book 'Haiku for the Single Girl' - image shows a book on a table with a pair of hands (Griffenhagen's) signing on the title page
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Dear Beth Griffenhagen

Hi Beth — congratulations on your wonderful book Haiku for the Single Girl! You’ve done a really…

photo of a fair complected girl with pink and black hair and contrasty makup holding two giant pink easter peeps
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Haiku Sculpting – March Schedule

New Haiku Sculpting host Xue Faith reveals the schedule for March 2013 with 5 exciting Sunday events!

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Searching For Cyanide Seelowe

Xue circumnavigates the virtual interwaters in search of traces of Virtual Artists’ Alliance’s charismatic founder Cyanide Seelowe.

Photograph of a Haiki Speedbuild entry showing a book and ink-pen on a desk with ink running off the desk, to the ground, and across the floor
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Haiku Speedbuild: Shadowing Special

  Haiku Speedbuild Last week I had the privilege of shadowing Special Jewell as she hosted the…