photo of a fair complected girl with pink and black hair and contrasty makup holding two giant pink easter peeps

Haiku Sculpting – March Schedule

Photograph of Xue Faith standing on the dock at Gallery Xue / Port of Long Beach with the words "Haiku Sculpting" floating in space and curving around herAfter 4 years and 200 events our amazing Haiku Speedbuild host Special Jewell is retiring. Starting this month I’ll be the new host and I’d like to mix things up by trying a few new ideas. Nothing’s set in stone, they’re just ideas to try and we can flip anything back at any time.

Haiku Sculpting

I’d like to try calling our event Haiku Sculpting, to emphasize that we’re using prims and textures to create a work of art. Yes it can be Sculpture, Landscape, Architecture, or anything else, just like before, but I hope we can think about art objects and installations that respond to a poem, rather than a build that illustrates the poem.

The Finale

Our standard end of event is to vote and award ribbions and money. I know in-world peeps love those Linden Dollars, and I’m happy with that. But I thought we might try letting go of the ranking business and ribbons and money for a little while, and use the time, instead of votes and drum-rolls, to walk from piece to piece and let the artist and audience say a few words about each project.

The Poems

photo of a woman in a geometric dress composed of bands or rings of material like a collapsable pocket cupThe Haiku we’ve had for our events have been sublime. But perhaps their distance in space and time from our contemporary moment has sometimes made them harder to access. To get us started we’ll be using 2011 poems from Beth Griffenhagen’s book Haiku for the Single Girl. Also, one poem might not speak to everyone participating in Haiku Sculpting, so we’ll put up 4 poems. Participants can pick the one they like and make a sculpture in response to it, or they can take a feeling, a gestalt, from all 4 as their inspiration.

Old Homes, New Homes

Long-time VAA benefactor Peri Afarensis has offered to continue her generous support of both VAA events, Photohunt and Haiku Sculpting. To launch our new series we’ll be moving the event up to her museum level. With the end of Special’s tenure as host, we’re also saying goodbye to our generous hosts at Heron Shire. We can’t thank them enough for all the hospitality they’ve shown us. Lothar Leborski has agreed to let us hold some of our events at his CSULB region, and since we’ll be visiting the virtual CSULB campus, Leborski is arranging to have the “real” CSULB MFA Poets provide some of our poems, and to read them to us on YouTube. Vaneeesa Blaylock has offered to host Haiku Sculpting at the LEA11 Alice in Cornelland region as part of the exploration there of a virtual haptic. Starting in March then we’ll rotate among Afar, CSULB, and LEA11.

Special Themes

I’ve arranged a few themes for March. All participants are always welcome to work in any manner that feels best to them, but we’ll encourage a few ideas to try. Here’s our March Schedule and each week’s Theme:

Virtual artist Miso Susanowa and behind her two semi-transparent virtual horse sculptures
Artist Miso Susanowa

10am SLT / PST
1pm EST
18:00 GMT
19:00 CEST
Monday Morning
02:00 HKT
05:00 AEST

Sunday 3 March – Afar – Twisted Prims
The amazing “prim twister” Miso Susanowa will give us a prim twisting demo from 10:00 – 10:25 and then we’ll have our Haiku Sculpting event from 10:30 – 11:00

Sunday 10 March – LEA11 – Partner Game
This week we’ll work in pairs, either with someone you bring, or we’ll pair peeps up at the event. The idea is that You put down a prim, shape it, texture it, do what you like with it, and when you’re done, then it’s my turn to put down a prim in response to your prim… and we take turns for the hour…

Sunday 17 March – CSULB – Let’s Get Physical
Our TBA guest artist will give us a demo on working with physical prims this week, and then we’re off to create!

Sunday 24 March – Afar – Fashion Sculpting
Have you noticed how architectural / geometric this year’s spring fashions are!? haha, I have:
photo of a fair complected girl with pink and black hair and contrasty makup holding two giant pink easter peeps
This week we’ll have avatar models on pedestals, and our Haiku Sculptors can apply prims to the body to create “fashion” or “body sculptures” in response to our poems. We also need participant models this week to stand on a pedestal for an hour: large peeps, small, human, other, we love you all!

Sunday 31 March – LEA11 – Easter Peeps Edition
IDK exactly what an Easter Peep Haiku Sculpting is exactly… but I’m pretty sure it’ll be lots of fun and filled with sugary delights!

To Repeat:
All of our “themes” are encouragements to participants, not requirements. Everyone is welcome to participate. Everyone is welcome to work in whatever way they desire.

• Peeps: myLot / Audrey
• Architectural Dress: The Imaginarium Apparel

Author: Xue Faith
Student in the Culture, Media and Creative Industries programme at King's College, London. Curator at Gallery Xue. Webmaster for avatar bloggers.

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