Photograph of Xue Faith standing on the dock at Gallery Xue / Port of Long Beach with the words "Haiku Sculpting" floating in space and curving around her

Haiku Sculpting?

Photograph of Xue Faith standing on the dock at Gallery Xue / Port of Long Beach with the words "Haiku Sculpting" floating in space and curving around her

a half dozen or more avatars standing around in a grassy clearing after the "Haiku Speedbuild" event on the Heron Shire sim in Second Life
Hanging out with peeps after last night’s Haiku Speedbuild


A Sculpture by any other Name

What’s in a name? Haiku Speedbuild? Haiku Sculpting? What is a “Haiku Speedbuild” anyway? In my proposal for the new event “Machiniminute”
About Machiniminute

I noted that quick “finger exercises” are really the VAA’s forte. There are many fantastic orgs in virtual space that help promote wonderful creative work, but most focus on longer-term highly polished work. VAA’s singular focus is the chance to dive in, try something, step back, and see what we all came up with in the last hour. It can be a real process of easy experimentation with low pressure that can also produce occasional gems.


avatars milling about after the Virtual Artists' Alliance's Haiku Speedbuild eventEven though the idea is to be quick and spontaneous, there is a sincerity and a durational quality to any work. A great photograph might be a frozen 1/1000th of a second, but a great photographer might wait many minutes, or more, for just the right 1/1000th of a second to come along. Haiku Speedbuild intends to be quick, breezy, and spontaneous, but it also started at a virtual Zen retreat where they wrote haiku and contemplated, as that form so powerfully does, the truly sublime depths of a moment fully experienced.


high camera angle view of about a half dozen sculpture projects in the Haiku Speedbuild event
Aerial view of some of the projects at last night’s Haiku Speedbuild
And what are we “building” in Haiku Speedbuild? Sclupture? Landscapes? Architecture? For sure I believe our event includes all of these and perhaps even more. Still, I do think the word “build” has a certain tendency to privilege architecture. This isn’t a bad thing, I think the act of building is perhaps the single most defining quality of our world vs the many popular MMORPGs out there. So many “players” from those worlds find SL boring, and for at least some SL peeps, those worlds are less satisfying. We live in a world that we build ourselves. It’s as fundamental a thing as there is in this world.


Name Change: Haiku Sculpting

I’m not certain that we really want our event to be “Haiku Fast Architecture” when it might be “Haiku Deeply Felt Sculpture.” So I wonder if “Haiku Sculpting” might set a better tone for our event. It is definitely NOT my intention to “ban” any sort of creativity at these events. Every participant should pursue whatever vision and whatever style they choose, but perhaps a name like “Haiku Sculpting” would ever-so-gently nudge participants to think a bit less about a structure that illustrates a text, and just a drop more about a sculpture that experiences a moment.

I’m thinking of changing the name of our VAA event to Haiku Sculpting. I’d love your input on this. Share any thoughts you like in the comment box below!

Thanks everyone!


Avatars looking on at a mountain range emerging from a large water area
Looking on as PeanutButtahjellahTime Magic constructs her sublime, submarine mountainscape
Author: Xue Faith
Student in the Culture, Media and Creative Industries programme at King's College, London. Curator at Gallery Xue. Webmaster for avatar bloggers.

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  1. If it weren’t that “sculpting” in the context of SL tends to bring to mind Sculpted Prims in particular… “Haiku Crafting”? But then it might sound like it is craft as opposed to art… hmmm….

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