A double-bladed jedi attacking a single-bladed sith

Woosh woosh zoom

Woosh woosh

If woosh woosh zoom is the sound of a lightsaber, then woosh woosh is what you see depicted above, I imagine. The zoom would be if you hit another lightsaber, but I didn’t manage to get a shot of that.

I know it isn’t on par with Strawberry’s photos (is anything?), but I’m still a little bit proud at this photoshoot. The jedi didn’t know I was taking shots of them, they were playfully sparring with each other. They were jumping at each other and throwing each other back all the time, which resulted in silly me constantly running after them.

It looks a bit like good jedi are fighting evil sith, but these are actually all players for the Republic (“good”) side. There were some restrictions initially, but in Star Wars: the Old Republic you’re now pretty much allowed to choose whatever outfit or colour of lightsaber you’d like. And some like to swing red sabers even though they fight for the Republic – don’t ask me!


These were just friendly spars, but there are areas where you are can fight ‘real sith’ (players for the Empire side) in open battles. There is a warzone world you can travel to, but it is an unpopular and pretty much deserted place on my server. The popular way is to ‘que up’ and get teleported to a mini-game warzone with objectives to score.

There’s also the option to pick a ‘PvP server’ (Player-vs-Player), where you can fight any of the other side you find on whatever planet you’re on. This is more realistic in a role-playing way, but you have to be prepared to fight whenever. It can also result in unpleasant situations, where a group of players keep ‘ganking’ (killing) the same person over and over, who just happens to need to complete a quest in that area.

As you all know I’m pretty much am a coward, I of course play on a ‘PvE server’ (Player-vs-Endgame), where this isn’t possible!

This was Rav MMO education for today, teaching the SL masses since 2012. I hope you had a pleasant read, and don’t forget to switch on the safety button of your lightsaber!

As usual, more fighting jedi can be found at my blog Ravalation, at Epic lightsaber fights.

Holding in cage

Ravanel explores the virtual worlds of Lord of the Rings Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Skyrim, and Mass Effect.

6 thoughts on “Woosh woosh zoom

  1. You know I find this whole “Evil Sith,” “Good Republic” thing to be an awfully simplistic read of a far more complex galacticopolitical landscape.

    Sure, sure, the Republic wear somewhat lighter colors, as if they’re wintering in the tropics or something, whatever. Sure, sure, the Republic can point to their crown jewels, who doesn’t have a few prime worlds to flash around as shining examples? But what about all those outlying worlds with marginal economies and no infrastructure? Has the Republic’s fancy religion, or mountain of rules, regulations, and ancient protocols, to say nothing of Master Yoda’s unendingly dull sermons, really helped anyone there?

    By contrast I’ve seen plenty of struggling homesteaders on minor worlds the Republic doesn’t like to talk about have a real improvement in their lives, in their very chances of survival, thanks to the creative ingenuity of a benevolent Sith Lord.

    It’s clear who has the better PR machine and who controls the media narrative, but controlling the media narrative, and being truly “good” and actually helping people on the ground in need, these things aren’t always, if ever, correlated.


    As for the photography, you be proud, young padawan. If Berry is virtual photography’s Miles Aldridge, then certainly you are its Chris Hondros.

    We should totally add one of these to the iRez Theme Slideshow. Why don’t you send one over. The images in the Theme Slideshow run 3000 x 1000 pixels. They don’t necessarily have to be that big, they can be rezzed up if necessary, but if they can be somewhat “cinemascope” (wide horizontal images, which, yay, these are) that helps.

    Don’t we have a field trip to set up? No, not you coming to the Noob Avatar Pride Parade! The other one! Can we put a post together on that? Maybe do it the Saturday of your choice in March?

    1. Tell me about it! I’ve heard stories about that Berry girl’s studio! They say it’s filled with endless naked breasts and just as many chocolate bon-bons! Endless opulence! So much decadence! All to create impossible avatar portraits that no real avatar who has work all day and a prim baby to care for by night can possibly live up to!

      By contrast Ravanel is out in the field bringing us the truth that neither the Republic nor the Empire want us to see and that most people would prefer to be ignorant of as they eat their bon-bons and turn the virtual pages of their Berry-filled magazines.

      Even among photojournalists, I’ve heard that so many of them use insanely long lenses so they can photograph events from a great distance, but that Ravanel refuses to use these lenses, insisting instead on putting herself in harm’s way so that she can capture all the small details, all the horror, all the abject beauty, of these war-torn places.

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